The Free Museum of art in Second Life

The Free Museum
I recently received an invitation from Haiku Quan to pay a visit to The Free Museum, an art gallery she has established and curates in the Mainland continent of Satori with a rather unique approach to encouraging an appreciation of art within Second Life.

The gallery presents a collection of (currently) over 70 pieces of art from 2D and 3D artists from across Second Life that Haiku has collected from their artists with the open intention of offering them free-of-charge to anyone who would like a copy for their personal collection, as she noted to me:

Visitors to the museum are welcome to take a free copy of each and every work exhibited. There is nothing for sale or any solicitations at all. This is simply my way of giving back to the people of Second Life who make it such a fascinating world, and so that everyone can discover the artists who are creating these beautiful and provocative works. 

– Haiku Quan

The Free Museum

Thus, the gallery presents works by the likes of Alpha Auer, Blip mumfuzz, Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, Cherry Manga, Melusina Parkin, Milena Carbone, Nessuno Myoo, Thus Yootz, Xia Chieng, with each artist presenting one or two pieces for inclusion within the gallery’s spacious building.

Given this, the art on display is richly diverse in terms of subject, style, and artist. From avatar studies to Second Life landscapes to pieces created in the physical world, together with sculptures an pieces from well-known installations as well as standalone pieces, the gallery offers a genuine immersion into the richly diverse world of art in Second Life, ideal for those seeking an engaging introduction to art in Second Life.

The Free Museum
My goal is to attract people who never go to art galleries and never think of owning anything called ‘art’. I want to tempt those folks into taking these creations home where they can begin working their magic, day by day expanding their tastes and opening their eyes to how much fine art can enrich their lives.

– Haiku Quan

To help with this idea of presenting an introduction to the world of art in SL, Haiku has ensured that each piece available through the gallery is supplied within information / a biography on / of the artist, together with a landmark to any principal gallery / studio the artist has in-world, so that more of their work can be appreciated and purchased.

I purchase the right to do this directly from the artists, and agree never to sell their works or to profit from them in any way. And the artists are perfectly free to continue to show and sell their works as they always have. The artists are even free to withdraw their works from the museum at any time without reimbursing me.

– Haiku Quan

The Free Museum

In addition, Haiku has also taken care to ensure the generosity of the artists she contacts and the art she presents is not in any way abused: pieces are provided with No Transfer perms, preventing unfair further distribution.

I asked Haiku what inspired her to create the Museum – and her response was simple and honest:

Because the whole idea of a free museum is new to all of us. I hope it expands the market for the artists, but I honestly don’t know if it will. Nobody does. But it seems like an idea worth trying. 

– Haiku Quan

The Free Museum

All of which makes for an engaging and worthwhile visit for anyone interested in art within – and beyond – Second Life. A visit I would recommend.

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