Jumping into a SnowDrift in Second Life

The SnowDrift, December 2021 – click any image for full size

It was back to scenes of snow and ice with roar of fires in hearths and steaming mugs of hot beverages to warm cold tummies and fingers for me this week, as I took Shawn Shakespeare’s advice and hopped over to The SnowDrift, a winter / holiday season setting that occupies the ground level of Audie Whimsy’s Cherished Melody Full region.

Explore the magic of the holiday season in a snow covered winter land of bliss filled with wondrous festive décor & arrangements. The SnowDrift gracefully captures an old time Christmas feel where you’ll be craving a nice mug of hot chocolate!

– from the region’s About Land description

The SnowDrift, December 2021

Surrounded by tall peaks with slopes covered in their own share of snow through which fir trees raise rows of green spires, the region presents a classic series of winter holiday and festive settings and scenes. To the west, the landing point sits within a little village where the snow is falling and the local fountain is heavy in icy stalactites frozen from waters that usually fall from the fountain’s tiers.

Separated from the rest of the region by a frozen channel of water, the village with its little cottages, chapel and shops, is nevertheless connected to the rest of the region by a series of bridges that offer various routes of exploration. These pass around and through the region’s high central peak and its surrounding hills.

The SnowDrift, December 2021

Along the way, these paths lead the visitor past snuggle points, outlying cottages and houses, the ruins of another chapel, and more. There are also opportunities for ice skating, sitting aboard Santa’s train, wander through a candy cane garden  – and to even find Santa himself tippy-toeing around as he attempts to deliver presents without being seen. Elsewhere Frosty the Snowman tips his hat in greeting to passers-by, with more to be found.

The SnowDrift, December 2021

Set under a cold blue sky (albrit one with what appears to be a giant tree growing across a part of it), The SnowDrift lends itself to a variety of EEP settings, and is rounded out by the presence of local wildlife and a suitable sound scape with the winds, jingling bells and the sounds of birds chirping in boughs of green or which raise themselves skyward, devoid of leaves until spring returns once more.

This is a setting that doesn’t need a lot of description, eloquently speaking for itself as it does. The detail is rich and engaging, without being too overwhelming. And for this reason, I’m going to close this piece with a couple more images.

The SnowDrift, December 2021


The SnowDrift, December 2021

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