The magic of Elvion in Second Life

Elvion, December 2021 – click any image for full size

I have visited Elvion, the ever-evolving region design by Bo Zano (BoZanoNL), on numerous occasions over the last few years. It’s a place I frequently return to because with each iteration, Bo always offers us a rich and inviting celebration of nature and outdoor living.

He’s also someone who tends to sway away from typical seasonal designs, so for those who might already feel a little number from trudging through all the snow and cold that predominate region designs at this time of year, the current iteration of the region carries a subtle hint of winter’s presence whilst avoiding snow, whilst also embracing a touch of magic for the end of 2021.

Elvion, December 2021

Sitting within shallows  speckled by light, the current iteration of Elvion sits as a Z-shaped island that cuts across the water, a low-lying ribbon of grass and sand. Scattered with trees rich in the colours of summer and autumn, the land capped at its northern end by a rocky beach and a horseshoe of rock from which water tumbles into a pool before flowing out into the wide expanse that surrounds the region.

Elvion, December 2021

The magic is infused into the region in a number of ways. There are, for example, the giant mushroom trees mixed with the “normal” trees. Then there are the tall pillars canted to lean together and form arches, their presence suggesting this was once the home of ancient structures, while paths are marked by plants that carry their own bulb-like illumination. Meanwhile, the rocks with their waterfalls are backed by strange, extruded outgrowths of rock that look petrified spider’s legs frozen over a portion of the landscape.

Elvion, December 2021

Within this setting there is much to be found in the way of details provided by Bo – including one of the Rack Pack bulldogs that have been part of a number of past Elvions – although whether it is Frank, Sammy Davis or Deano, I couldn’t say, this time around 🙂 . Here, horses roam; there stands a pair of albino reindeer, one of the small nods towards the winter season, alongside the EEP settings used in the region); further along, otters keep an anxious watch on the open waters as if expecting something.

Also to be found within the region are multiple places to sit and cuddle – my favourite being the Moon chair as it looks out through a vortex of lying fish (one of the other signs of magic / fantasy in the region); whilst art can also be found giving further ambience to the setting.

Elvion, December 2021

This is a place was wandering is easy and the land encourages the imagination to take flight and where peace can be found bathing under the watchful eyes of peacocks and time can be spent in simple reflection. A place where time can be allowed to pass on its own, and the mind can free itself from any sense of trouble or strife.

In other words, another engaging and ideal visit for visitors to enjoy – as I hope the images here confirm.

Elvion, December 2021


Elvion, December 2021

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  1. Personal, but the build looks cold and my arthritis aches just looking at the pictures. So…4 stars rather than 5, although the quality of the artistry probably deserves it.


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