Fantasies and Illusions in Second Life

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Serina – Fantasies and Illusions

Currently open at the Lost Unicorn Gallery, curated by Natalie Starlight, is a superb exhibition of fantasy avatar studies by : SERINA :: ( SerinaK ) entitled Fantasies and Illusions.

Hailing from Japan, Serina is the owner of the Alter Ego mesh clothing brand, and I’m not sure how long she has been involved in SL photography – she joined Flicker in 2018; but I believe this is the first time I’ve see her work in a solo exhibition. And I use the term “superb” above quite deliberately: the pieces exhibited at Lost Unicorn are genuinely captivating.

As avatar / fantasy studies, the pieces presented in the exhibition are rich in colour, detail, motif and visual story, where everything has clearly been carefully considered in compositing and frame that makes them instantly attractive. Most are rendered in colour, although some monochrome pieces are hidden within the collection, their muted tones deliberately chosen to bring forth their story for the eye to see without the need to view any title.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Serina – Fantasies and Illusions

Whilst focused on fantasy figures and framing, several of the images touch upon the surreal – perhaps most notably with Blind Justice, but elsewhere as well, in subtle touches. This reflects Serina’s broader interest in art that encompasses fantasy, surrealism and fine art. But there is more to be found within these pieces.

Although each an every piece can be appreciated as it is seen, its initial narrative ready to be captured by the eye, this is but an illusion; each carries a deeper story. In some, this might appear to be a personal statement, in others more a comment on society at large. I’m not going to point to individual images here as is often my wont, because these deeper narratives are best discovered by seeking the name of each piece through a right-click → Edit after each has been viewed free from preconceptions brought forth by knowing an particular picture’s title in advance.

Occupying the main lower hall at the gallery, Fantasies and Illusions makes for a grand exhibition – one that flows into the rest of the gallery space as a whole, where the fantasy theme continues with images by a number of artists. Thus the gallery offers a broader, worthwhile visit that I also recommend.

Lost Unicorn Gallery: Serina – Fantasies and Illusions

As noted above, this is the first time I’ve seen an exhibition focused on Serina’s work, and on viewing, I hope it is not the last that I have the opportunity to do so.

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  1. Hi Inara, I totally missed this blog!! Haven’t been in SL as much recently. I just happened to run across it, it’s lovely!! Thank you so much for writing about Serina’s exhibit. I so agree with you, her work is superb ❤


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