Carmel Air Fair 2021 in Second Life

2021 Carmel Air Fair

Now open at the Carmel Art Community, is the 2021 Carmel Summer Art Fair, organised by Martha and Robert McFarren. An open-air air show the winds its way through the streets of the community’s village and passing it shops and studio galleries, the Fair is organised for members of the Carmel Art Community and their guests.

This year, around 28 artists (assuming I’ve not missed anyone, which is always possible!), are exhibiting at the Fair, with members of the community displaying up to three pieces of work, and their guests two pieces each.

2021 Carmel Art Fair – Emeline Laks (l) and Deyanira Yalin (r)

In all, the participating artists include: Carelyna, CybeleMoon (Hana Hoobinoo), Martissima (Marta Gabardini), Mousie (Malia Kenyon), SecondHandTutti, Venk (Stephen Venkman), Victoria (VictoriaBlue), Willow (cutewillow Carlberg), Xirana (Xirana Oximoxi), Aneli Abeyante, Anouk Lefavre-Huntsman (Anouk Lefavre), Audie Whimsy, Dhyezl Ravenhurst (Dhyezl), Deyanira Yalin, Elle Thorkveld, Emeline Laks, Jaelle Faerye, Life Charron (Zeroys), LilyKitty Sixpence, Maggie Starr (maggiemagenta), Michiel Bechir, Robert McFarren (RobertMcFarren, Tara (TaraAers), Trinity Ermintrood, Vanessa Jane (VanessaJane66), Viktor Savior (ViktorSavior), Zia Sophia (Zia Branner) and moi.

The art itself is an engaging mix of physical world paintings and photography, avatar studies and Second Life landscapes, all presented in a broad range of styles: watercolour, oil, mixed media, digital manipulation, abstract, colour, monochrome.  Thus, there is much for visitors to appreciate and, if the mood takes them, purchase. And of course there is the opportunity to pop into the studios used by members of the community and see more of their work.

2021 Carmel Art Fair – Zia Sophia (r) and someone called “Pey” (l)

As well as the art, the Fair features a range of events, all of which are promoted through the community’s in-world group, highlight of which can be summarised as (all times SLT):

  • July 8th, 13:00: Special July Chatnic hosted by Jaelle Faerye, and guest artists.
  • July 12th 13:00: Particle Show with VENUS ADORED & music by DJ Hein.
  • July 19th 12:00 noon: DJ Riff Gaffer Music & Poetry.
  • July 21st 12:00 noon: Live Stream with artist Kisma Reidling as she shares a 40 minute “Come Smudge With Me” class.
  • July 24th 12:00 noon: Concert with Bsukmet with a particle show by Roxy & 1Earthling.

Those visiting the art fair also have the opportunity to take the stairs down to the little courtyard alongside the two large gallery buildings, where Hermes Kondor is exhibiting a selection of his utterly mesmerising digital art.

Carmel Art Community – the Art Fair also offers the opportunity to visit the current exhibit by Hermes Kondor

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