Finding Esgaroth in Second Life

Laketown – June 2021

So this is going to be a little different to my usual offerings under the Exploring Second Life tag in this blog, as it is not exactly about a “typical” region visit, nor is it a product review. However, a photo posted by Loverdag at the end of May sent me scurrying across the grid to pay a visit to a commercial build by creator Del-ka Aedilis (karport).

I say “scurrying” because I’ve been immersed in all things Tolkien since the days of my childhood, firstly via having The Hobbit read to me as a bedtime story, and then discovering The Fellowship of the Ring when I was a (very precocious) 12 (I would pass a pun here about Tolkien’s writings being Hobbit-forming, but I’ll leave that to one side). This being the case, I was hardly going to pass up the opportunity of dropping into the community of Men laid low by Smaug the dragon: Esgaroth – or Lake-town – on the waters of the Long Lake east of Mirkwood and south of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain.

Laketown – June 2021

This Laketown (to use the name given to the rezbox-enabled build) appears to be based on the visualisation of Esgaroth as seen within Peter Jackson’s (overly drawn-out) film trilogy of The Hobbit, rather than anything based on Tolkien’s own drawings of the town (which were more akin to neolithic pile dwellings than anything, whereas Jackson’s visualisation allowed for a far more adventuresome setting).

From the watchtowers overlooking the pier and drawbridge linking the town with the shore, through to what appears to be the  house belonging to the Master of Lake-town, this is an exceptionally creative and flexible build that utilises both original mesh by Del-ka Aedilis and incorporates full permission kits from the likes of IvanBenjammin to fully capture the tone and spirit of lake-town as seen in Jackson’s films.

Laketown – June 2021

Set within surrounding mountains that are both too numerous to be foothills of Erebor and too close to the the flanks of the Grey Mountains or the Iron Hills but which are nevertheless a perfect setting in which to show of the town, this Laketown is ideal for photography – as Loverdag demonstrated. Even moreso, for those with the space (the build tops out at around 1,736 LI out-of-the-box and covers an area of 196 x 107 metres), this is a build ideal for any medieval or fantasy role-play, whether or not any gold, kings-under-the-mountain, dwarves or dragons are concerned.

Materials enabled, the build is supplied partially dressed with reeds and (I believe) various waterside items – boxes, barrels, etc.). Even tho the buildings are all unfurnished, its hard not to wander the boardwalks around an connecting them and here the sounds of commerce and domestic life going on along the wharves and behind the wooden walls.

Laketown – June 2021

I’m not sure how long this demonstration version of Laketown will be available – the build is apparently available at an introductory price of L$7,499 until the end of June, so perhaps it might poof after that, I’ve no idea. However, for the photographer among us, it does make for an engaging and photogenic visit!

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