The Kondor Art Square in Second Life

Kondor Art Square, May 2021: Sugah Pancake

As a part of his work to make the Kondor Art Centre a hub for artistic expression and community sharing, Hermes Kondor opened the Kondor Art Square on Thursday, May 13th, 2021.

Comprising three parts, the square is designed to resemble a fashionable square in a European city (the surrounding façade to me suggests somewhere in Paris or Madrid. Its open space is intended to host open-air exhibitions by guest artists, with the area further graced by sculptures by ArtemisGreece.

The Kondor Art Museum, May 2021

At the north end of the square is the Kondor Art Museum, a space devoted to rotating exhibitions of art by Second Life artists that Hermes has purchased over the years. Facing this from the south is a book shop where visitors can buy books celebrating past art exhibitions by Hermes himself.

The 2D art currently on display within the museum comprises individual pieces by Adam Cayden, Awesome Fallen, Bamboo Barnes, Caly Applewhyte, Bebop Xue, CybeleMoon Carelyna,  Diconay Boa, Dido Haas, Etamae, Flamered, Hermano, Ladmilla Medier, Marie de la Torre, Milena Carbone, Milly Sharple, Monique Beebe, Mony Pedroya, Moora Mcmillan, Mystic Audion, Patrick Ireland, Rosehanry, Sina Souza, Traci Ultsch, Vanessa Jane and Zia Branner. All of whom make for an engaging collection – although the display could perhaps do with a little more space to allow for the volume of art to be properly appreciated – rounded out by further sculptures by ArtemisGreece.

Kondor Art Square, May 2021: Sugah Pancake

Sugah Pancake is an artist I’ve not previously encountered who describes herself as a fantasy fanatic – and this is certainly reflected in the art displayed within the Kondor Art Art Square as the inaugural guest art exhibition. The pieces presented are amongst the most vibrant, energetic and story-rich pieces I’ve had the pleasure of viewing in Second Life.

Featuring mermaids, creatures of mythology, suggestions of inspiration gained from comic characters and fantasy / sci-fi / horror literature, these are pieces with an evocative vitality that is evident through their colour, posing, framing and focus. Within each we have an entire story waiting for our imaginations to unfold.

Kondor Art Square, May 2021: Sugah Pancake

What I particularly like about the Kondor Art Centre is that the square offers a focused presentation of work by a specific artist while the museum presents the opportunity to become familiar with works by a range of Second Life artists. It makes a worthy addition to the Kondor facilities.

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