Sunny Sunvana in Second Life

Sunvana, May 2021 – click any image for full size

Occupying a Homestead region and recently opened, Sunvana is a public setting offering visitors a chance for some “sweet summer escape”.  Laid out as a vacation spot, it is the work of Jayce (Jayce Takeda) – with some assistance from Peter (Peterkes Beaton) and Kaelyn Alecto (TheNewKae) – the region is also home to Jayce’s Moment pose brand.

While Sunvana doesn’t enforce teleporting to its landing point, visits are intended to start at the island’s reception and information centre, a domed structure towards the centre of the region. This offers direct teleports to various locations around the region: the art pods, the coffee and tea house, the pool house and pool, the pose store, the peach and the club house. In addition, a further series of teleports provide access to other regions designed by Kaelyn  – It all Starts with a Smile and Soul Deep (which I recently reviewed).

Sunvana, May 2021

Where you from here is a matter of choice; the teleports offer a quick and easy way around the region, but step outside the reception dome, and steps will take you down to the road for a walk around the island, or up towards the Moments store and a rock causeway leading to a “hideout” sitting on a headland.

The latter overlooks a deep bay cut into the rock by a pair of waterfalls to offer a deep swimming hole complete with a diving platform, a cuddle float and a rope to climb back up out of the water. Seats within the hideout and close by offer plenty of places to sit alone or with friends.

Sunvana, May 2021

The swimming hole is just one of the numerous eclectic aspects of the region that add to its appeal. For example, those who don’t fancy walking between locations might avail themselves to a number Cube Republic’s excellent rope slides and zip lines to be ridden. Then, to the west, and alongside the Club House are board walks and stone paths set out over the water, watched over by a mix of street lamps and African elephants.

For those who like more traditional summer vacation pursuits, the beach around the east side of the island has places to sit, while the swimming pool offers sun loungers to relax on and floats on which to pass the time whilst floating on the water.

Sunvana, May 2021

Elsewhere, the art pods present little vignettes that might be seen as 3D art pieces or further places to appreciate and/or sit: a little garden, a cabana with chairs and lights, a Mustang under repair or a little pool (as in the game) room. Off to the south-east, and not mentioned as a teleport destination, is a little place signed as a motel, although it is far cosier than that, with places to both sit and to cuddle.

Below the “motel” and tucked into a little watery tunnel is a rowing boat that can offer a lovers’ tryst, moored out of sight of other eyes.

Sunvana, May 2021

Unusually for a region of this kind, Sunvana lacks a significant soundscape – the falls generate familiar thunder and there are spots of sound elsewhere, but there is no over-arching sound scape across the region. There are however, numerous (and increasingly familiar) NPC static characters to be found throughout to help add a sense of life to the setting.

Making good use of EEP (use personal lighting to move the Sun around to catch the local rainbow), Sunvana is an engaging place to visit, made more so by the rope slides and teleports (look for the sign board beyond the reception area) to get around, and offers plenty of opportunities for photography.

Sunvana, May 2021

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