Eclectic Dreams in Second Life

Sinful Retreat Janus I gallery: Eclectic Dreams

Eclectic Dreams is the title of an exhibition of art that recently opened (January 9th, 2021) within the Janus I Gallery at Chuck Clip’s Sinful Retreat. Featuring Lash VV’s work from the physical world, it is one of the most raw and vital selections of art I’ve come across in recent times.

Hailing from Serbian, Lash VV is an artist whose work tends to focus on a range of themes, including the spiritual, religious and erotic, that can often include motifs that can be primal and / or universal in suggestion, connecting his art to life and the vitality of living. In reflection of this, rather than confining himself to one or two styles of presentation, Lash VV, encompasses a broad range of techniques and styles,  including impressionism, abstraction, hints of fauvism and impasto. At the same time, he freely utilises watercolours, pen and ink paint, acrylic, oil, tempura, and compositing techniques (including digital compositing) to both emphasise and layer his work. 

Sinful Retreat Janus I gallery: Eclectic Dreams

All of these styles an approaches can be gathered under the core umbrella of expressionism in its broadest sense, in that Lash’s art is often a refection of his own memories and outlook on the themes his work enfolds.

In this, the choice of style used within each piece is, I would suggest, an essential part of its interpretation, adding, indeed, evoking, that raw vitality I mentioned at the top of this article. There is not a piece in this selection that doesn’t evoke a sense of life and / or offers an emotive sensation, From very human pieces such as the still life studies Blue Thoughts (which I admit to being the piece I found the most captivating in this portfolio of richly engaging pieces) and Woman in Blue, through to the abstract forms of Initial Frenzy through Passion, the selected technique does as much to bring each piece to life as does the (more usual) technique in using a dominant colour as a means of expression.

Sinful Retreat Janus I gallery: Eclectic Dreams

There is more here as well; in some of the images, the selected technique can give some of the pieces an unfinished edge to them that further adds a degree of life and, with some, brings to mind the work of past masters.

Tor example, take Cognition. Within it, the seemingly rough lines that hint at being hurriedly drawn, point towards Da Vinci pondering the beauty of the human head – and what might go on within it and using a sketch to capture thoughts that occur whilst engaged on other work. At the same time, the subtle use of colour demonstrates the fact that far from being incomplete, the picture is exactly as it is intended to be, a skilled study of art and form, and one reflective not just of a classical genius, but of Lash’s own unique skill – and his own contemplations.

Sinful Retreat Janus I gallery: Eclectic Dreams

With around 29 pieces on display, many of them carefully placed within small groups defined by style so as to present exhibits within an exhibition, Eclectic Dreams is a truly fascinating – dare I say masterful – collection of art from an artist who is, I understand, new to the SL art scene, but whom I have no doubt will be seen more widely as time goes by – and deservedly so.

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