A visit to an owl’s nest in Second Life

Eulennest, January 2021

Sitting on the southern coast of Corsica is small island occupying the south-western corner of Novatron is a small island called Eulennest (“owl nest”).

Held by Kitty (Kitten Mills) the island is home to a range of social venues Kitty has developed for public use. These include music events areas on the beach and up on the table of rock that forms the island, a  hidden water cistern, room to dock boats (the island can be reached by sailors) and to re-rez them, as well as numerous places to explore and / or to sit and enjoy the views.

Eulennest, January 2021
[Eulennest is] open for your events and parties – just book an appointment with Uli Jansma, register a DJ (you have to bring your own stream). If special decoration is desired or recitals are required, please contact Uli Jansma or Kitten Mills. It costs nothing!

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The focal point of the island is the Eulennest café-restaurant and gallery. It is set within Scarlet Creative’s Serendipity Retreat – oft seen within public regions as a deserted structure, and which here is put to very good use.   The café element sits within the courtyard of the building, whilst the two wings of the building form the gallery space within.

Eulennest: Anouk Lefavre

It was the gallery that drew me to visit, hosting as it does (at the time of writing) an exhibition of landscape images by Anouk Lefavre. Always a delight to see, the 19 images here perfectly encapsulate Anouk’s ability to bring the settings she visits to life . Here, the majority of images presented by the artist have a focus / theme of water, from coastal settings to rivers and streams – with the presence of water in one being quite subtle.

These are all captivating pieces, each one guaranteed to hold the attention and offered for sale at L$450, whilst the island as a whole offers plenty for the eye and camera to appreciate, and the body and mind to sit and rest while enjoying a visit.

Eulennest: Anouk Lefavre

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