Don’t forget: Lab Gab, November 6th: cloud update

via Linden Lab

Lab Gab returns on Friday, November 6th, 2020, with a cloud migration update.

As most are aware, the work to transition Second Life to operating via Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now progressed to a point where regions on the main grid (called Agni) are starting to be transitioned. In fact, by the time the Lab Gab show live streams, approximately one-third of all Agni regions will be operating via AWS services.

At the same time, as as per my November 2020 Web User Group summary, the Web teams are hopeful that all web properties will be running via AWS by early December, placing the Lab on course to achieve its target of completing the migration (referred to as Project Uplift) by the end of 2020 (although there will likely be more work related to it to follow in early 2021).

This being the case, the Lab Gab segment will feature Oz Linden, the Lab’s Vice President of Engineering (and the man pretty much in overall charge of the engineering / technical aspect of the work) and Mazidox Linden, the Lab’s senior QA Engineer who has been particularly involved in the migration work, testing the simulator code in reference to the migration work, and who describes the project as “the largest change to the simulator [software] ever.”

“The Bugspray” Mazidox Linden (l) and Oz Linden will be joining Strawberry Linden on the Friday, November 6th segment of Lab Gab to discuss the cloud migration work

As usual, the programme will be streamed via YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope, at 10:00 SLT, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll have a summary of the video (and the video itself) available soon after the the broadcast, for those unable to watch live.

For those who may have questions on the migration work, there is still time to submit them via the Lab Gab Google form, in addition, and if there is time, questions may also be taken from the chat feeds associated with the live stream channels.

Have any thoughts?

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