Travel Past & Present in Second Life

Bare Rose Art Gallery: Owl Dragonash

Owl Dragonash has been a long-term patron of the arts in Second Life. She has supported artists through her curation of multiple art spaces, including most recently her own Hoot Suite Gallery, and she has done much to promote live music in Second Life, as well a providing huge support for a range of arts groups and locations in-world.

Owl has also been a keen SL traveller and blogger  over the years,  capturing regions, parcels, arts events and more. Over the years, it’s been my pleasure and privilege to come to know her and to experience first-hand her support, so it is will a genuine sense of pleasure that I  hope I can help turn the spotlight on Owl’s own work as a Second Life photographer and recorder of places to visit and appreciate through her new exhibition that is open through until December 2020, Travel Past & Present, which can be enjoyed at the Bare Rose Art Gallery.

Bare Rose Gallery: Owl Dragonash
I Love seeing the builds people create in Second Life. I feel these builds as Magic that weaves through helping to make along with all the people a soul in a virtual world.

– Owl Dragonash

This is a small exhibition that offers 10 of Owl’s pieces to appreciate, making it a cosy visit, despite the relative size of the gallery building. Taken within some of SL’s most popular public regions – some still available today, other now passed into the mists of time – these are pieces that offer us an engaging view of Second Life through Owl’s Eyes.

Bare Rose Art Gallery: Owl Dragonash

All ten are wonderful pieces, bearing a light touch of post-processing for a little added depth without in any way being over-bearing. Several of them have been rendered in the yellows of a late afternoon sky which not only bathes them in a warming glow, but also offers a natural reflection of Owl’s own warm nature. Even those that offer a sense of colder air – Elvion Crane for example – or are presented in darker tones – such as Stones at Sarawak  – have an unmissable warmth to them.

A small exhibition this may be, but it is nevertheless rich and colour and personality both in terms of the images and the artist.  As such, Travel Past & Present is a rewarding exhibition well worth visiting.

Bare Rose Gallery: Owl Dragonash

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