Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery in Second Life

Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery, November 2020

The Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery is a new gallery venture that has been established by Sevant Anatra to celebrate original Native American / Indigenous & other cultural artwork. Earlier in November, Sevant invited me to pay the studio a visit – and I must (again) offer an apology that it has taken me a good several days to follow-up on the invitation on account of physical world matters taking up a good deal of my time.

Sevant is herself is a contemporary fine artist of the Anishinaabe – a group of culturally-related Indigenous peoples that includes the Odawa, Saulteaux, Ojibwe (including Mississaugas), Potawatomi, Oji-Cree, and Algonquin peoples of the north American continent. The work she displays in Second Life is all her own, and is a reflection of the creativity that has been central to her entire life.

Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery, November 2020
My preferred subject matter is people, and I use soft pastels on black or dark surfaces, usually recycled black artigain paper. I use my art to process knowledge, memories and emotions of either myself or those who pose for me.
In  recent years I have been focusing on reclaiming my Native American heritage and culture one art piece at a time. There is a unique story behind each piece that I often try to express through the use of composition and colour.

– Sevant Anatra discussing her art

Currently, the Gallery is displaying Sevant’s work, together with a slide show of physical world photographs (touch the slide projector to advance the images). Her drawings are richly evocative, fully capturing her subjects in marvellous detail. Native American culture is celebrated within them through the use of traditional clothing, whilst also encompassing simple emotions – love, uncertainty, simple joy – with one also offering a glimpse of a creation story. If I had one niggle at all with this selection, it is that it is potentially too small – this is art that deserves an more extensive showing.

Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery, November 2020

The gallery itself officially opens on December 5th, and Sevant is seeking artists specialising in pieces representative of indigenous and similar cultural art and heritage. The closing date for being a part of the grand opening on December 5th is Saturday, November 2020 – although applications will also be accepted for slots throughout 2021.

Accepted artists will be allowed 30 LI to display their work, and general requirements for applications can be obtained via note card from an info kiosk in the gallery, or artists can contact Sevant directly in-world. When visiting, do take time to explore the ground, which have by landscaped to reflect the landscape of the Pacific North-west – there are several places t sit and enjoy the setting, and the corner studio is available for exploration.

Miigis Shell Art Studio & Gallery, November 2020

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