Echoes, whispers and reflections in Second Life

Konect Art Gallery: CybeleMoon – Echoes and Whispers

Now open at Konect Art Gallery curated by Gonzalo Osuna (Jon Rain) are two new exhibitions from two unique artists, each of whom has a gift of telling entire stories in a single frame.

On the lower floor of the gallery is Echoes and Whispers by CybeleMoon (Hana Hoobinboo), a collection of 21 images, captivatingly composed and framed, all of them built around expressions of longing and nostalgia framed within an autumnal theme.

Konect Art Gallery: CybeleMoon – Echoes and Whispers

Cybele has a marvellous gift for creative images that capture not only a moment in time, but also the perfect expression of an emotion or feeling, presenting it as a story that draws our eyes and imaginations into its very heart. And this is more than the case here; among this collection are some of the most poignant images it has been my privilege to view; marvellously evocative of the emotions defined by the title, whilst in places being reflective of today’s world.

Konect Air Gallery: CybeleMoon – Echoes and Whispers

The latter is powerfully set within the monochrome We’ll Get Together Soon, Dad, a piece rich in love and longing, and The Photographers, which reminds us that whilst we must for now remain separated from family and loved ones, there will be times when we again freely mix and have fun together.

Meanwhile, the Lost Airmen of the Empire, whilst capturing a modern light aircraft in soft focus, also invokes bot thoughts of the pioneering days of flight and – given the month with are in – those who took to the air are a part of the fight against world-threatening tyranny.

Konect Art Gallery: Rachel Magic – Reflections

On the upper floor of the gallery, Rachel Magic (larisalyn) presents a selection of 12 images captured from within second Life, and which are offered under the title Reflections. These are again images that often carry a suggestion of the autumnal months through the use of colour and processing whilst simultaneously framing a thought-grabbing narrative.

There is also a wonderful sense of escape and freedom captured within many of these pieces – time on the beach, watching baby pandas playing on stone steps, the promise of sailing away on open waters, and the chance to simply fly away. This adds a further dimension to this collection that calls to the imagination and the emotions.

Konect Art: Rachel Magic – Reflections

I’m barely scratching the surface of wither exhibition here – but as both will be open through until November 14th, why not  hop over the Konect Art Gallery and immerse yourself in the work of two marvellous artists.

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