Celebrating 15 years of 100 Word Stories

Story-teller, commentator, raconteur – R. Dismantled is all of these, and more. A long-time resident of Second Life, R. is a keen patron of the arts in-world, including performance art and dance – so much so that with regards to dance in Second Life, he has in the past been a guest writer in these pages.

R. is also a prolific writer of 100-word stories – or “drabbles” as they’re known. It’s something he got into as a result of several influences, as he explains:

I started writing drabbles after a friend in college wrote a set of them in a 100×100 project. Woody Allen’s play about Abraham Lincoln obsessing over “How long must a man’s legs be? Long enough to reach the ground” inspired me.

Then, a group of writers started the site “100 Words Or Les Nessman” where they challenged themselves to write about a topic, or they had to write about Les Nessman. Featured writers posted on the site, and guest writers joined in the comments section of each post.

– R. discussing the origins of his 100-stories and podcast

On May 31st, 2005, R. started a podcast featuring recordings of his drabbles, promising to write a story a day until life decides otherwise; hence the sub-title of the podcast’s website, The 100 Word Stories Podcast: A 100 word story every day until the day I die. 

Today, 15 years on, R. is still writing and the podcast is still going, offering an originally story a day, together with weekly challenges for others to join in the writing fun. It is, as R. is confident in saying, the longest-running daily podcast of original material in the world.

To celebrate 15 years of continuous writing and recording, R will be appearing at the Terpsicorps Pit Stage today, Sunday May 31st, from 17:00 SLT – so why not hop along and listen? You might get to hear about George the Pirate or Doctor Odd, or you may not – but you will hear stories that can by turns be funny, uplifting, thought-provoking, conscience-pricking  – and entertaining, delivered by a master  raconteur.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 15 years of 100 Word Stories

  1. Oh shit, how could I forget this?
    R Crap Mariner’s 100 Word Stories Podcast and Blog has just turned 15 years old, and Orca – as a huge fan – wanted to blog abaout it … but forgot. 😦 Then she read about it in Inara’s blog and promptly forgot again. 😮
    But now, finally I’ll reblog Inara’s story.

    Congratz on 15 years of wonderful storytelling in 100 Words, Laurence Simon aka, R.Crap Mariner.

    PS: Ever noticed when I do something bad or awesome I become “she” and “Orca”,when I’m just myself, well then I’m just myself. 😐

    Anhoo, here’s Inara from a couple days ago …

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