Out with the green, in with the blue

via Linden Lab

On Friday, May 22nd, Linden Life formally introduced the new Second Life logo with a brief blog post – see A New Look for Second Life.

The new logo retains the familiar eye-in-hand design familiar to all, but sees the colour switch from green to blue, while the typeface used for “Second Life” has been updated to a crisper, cleaner black typeface.

Some may have noticed the new logo in the blog post Tilia Pay to Power USD Transactions in Second Life Beginning May 26, which included the new logo (I did myself, but avoided commenting to see if there would be an official announcement.

The blog post introducing the change explains the reason for its introduction thus:

Second Life has seen a surge of interest from people new to SL, long-standing residents, and groups and businesses seeking a uniquely interactive place for gatherings and special events. With this renewed attention we decided it was time to update a key part of how we tell the world what SL is all about. Second Life is still going strong, with a devoted and energetic resident community, and we want everyone to know that.

The post also notes that it will take time for the new logo to completely replace the old logo in every place where it appears, as the company doesn’t want to pull staff from other work just to make logo updates, particularly given the sheer volume of web pages where the logo is used.


6 thoughts on “Out with the green, in with the blue

  1. It is something that is noticed but probably doesn’t warrant a comment but at a brief glance, I have to agree, it is indeed a fresher look. The happy blue combined with the bold black print goes well!

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  2. Their time would have been better spent fixing the many problems that have plagued SL for YEARS! If they ever do that, then I’ll be impressed. Meanwhile….who cares??


    1. If working on a logo revamp and fixing bugs happened to be an either / or choice, critiques like this might be valid.

      Fortunately, that isn’t the case: LL engineers and viewer coders are fully capable of investigating / resolving simulator bugs and viewer issues whilst the marketing department works on things like logos and branding, and the web properties team work on updates to the Lab’s various web services, and so on.

      True, some issues can seem to take an age to fix, or for the Lab to get to focus on – but again, there are generally valid reasons for this (one of these being resource count: while the engineers are busy working on things all the time, they also cannot be working on everything, and prioritising (again for a wide variety of factors) coupled with complexity of investigation, etc., inevitably mean that some things don’t get fixed as rapidly as we might like.

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    2. Dropping a new gif into a web page doesn’t even require changing HTML/CSS. This is something any graphic designer could do. Lighten up.


  3. I’d say the new typeface is nice enough. Changing the green to blue though really just seems to be part of the “well everyone likes blue” marketing trend everyone else does. Really I liked the green, but really indifferent that it was changed to blue it’s pretty inconsequential anyway so whatever.


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