2020 Content Creation User Group week #18 summary

The Getaway – Nutmeg, March 2020 – blog post

The following notes were taken from my audio recording and chat log of the Content Creation User Group (CCUG) meeting held on Thursday, April 30th 2020 at 13:00 SLT. These meetings are chaired by Vir Linden, and agenda notes, meeting SLurl, etc, are are available on the Content Creation User Group wiki page.

Unfortunately, my recording software crashed some 2/3rds of the way through the meeting (and I was afk, so didn’t spot it), so I missed recording around the last 15-20 minutes of the discussions.

Jelly Dolls / Avatar Rendering

  • As noted in my week #16 CCUG summary, Vir has been looking at the jelly doll rendering code, which is not well optimised (e.g. it still draws rigged attachments) and it handles some operations inconsistently (e.g.setting an avatar to never render is actually more processing expensive that simply leaving it jelly dolled).
  • One of the things Vir has been experimenting with is displaying Jelly Dolls as monochrome system avatars sans rigged mesh and attachments.
  • An issue with this approach  is that non-human avatars use animations to reposition bones and joints, when can result in the system avatar looking very weird, even in monochrome. Vir has therefore been focused on finding a way to pause the animations when a non-human avatar is jelly dolled, and just running something like one or two of the default animations from the system locomotion graph.

In brief

BUG-228564 -Feature Request: New object property “Intangible”

This is possibly a duplicate request (those listed on the Jira are for different functionality, so not true duplicated), requesting an option to make certain in-world objects “invisible” to the viewer’s ray casting, so they they do not react to mouse clicks, but the objects beyond can.

Such a capability would be useful where semi-transparent objects are used to imitate sun beams or fog or rain, etc., otherwise block the ability to click on objects (e.g. seats, etc.), they surround / are in front of. However, such a change would require both viewer-side and back-end changes so, even if the Jira isn’t a duplicate of an existing request and is something LL accept, it is unlikely to be worked on until after the cloud uplift work has been completely, simply because it will require the introduction of a new object property on the simulator side / back end.

Education / Awareness

Much of the meeting was a general discussion on how to better inform / educate creators and users on the benefits of optimised content, and exactly what can impact things like perceived SL performance.

The major crux of this discussion came down to providing better documentation / information that both creators and users could be pointed to (e.g. more detailed information on mesh creation, including topics such as LOD generation, tri counts, use of maps, etc. for the former; clearly-worded instructions and benefits of using tools like ARC, etc., in the viewer to improve performance, etc., for the latter).

  • It was pointed out that LL have limited resources for the production of comprehensive best practices, and that perhaps the best sources for these might be creators themselves.
  • As the SL wiki is currently closed to general editing, those who have a specific desire to edit wiki pages / build articles can request access by sending an e-mail outlining who they are and why they want access to: letmein-at-lindenlab.com.