Previewing Lab Gab 16: meet the Marketing team

via Linden Lab

The 16th edition of Lab Gab will be live streamed on Friday, March 6th at 11:00 SLT (19:00 UK; 20:00 CET). For those who have not seen the official blog post about it, the segment will feature members of the Second Life Marketing team, which is led by Brett Linden.

The Marketing team is responsible for a range of activities related to Second Life, including, but not limited to:

  • Running advertising campaigns to attract interest in the platform, which in turn includes aspect such as:
    • The Second Life Landing Pages where people may get their first look at SL.
    • Involvement in the on-boarding process, and monitoring the flow of incoming users.
  • Producing promotional material about SL, such as the infographics that are sometimes released around SL Birthday events, videos related to Second Life, etc.
  • Producing information specifically for SL users – such as blog posts, curating the Destination Guide, etc.
  • Managing the Second Life social media presence – Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, You Tube.

Brett Linden is the Lab’s Senior Director of Marketing, and has been with Linden Lab for 10 years, making him probably the longest-serving member of the marketing department. He is based out of the Lab’s Seattle, Washington, office, and prior to joining the Lab he worked at a number of music and technical publications – including Billboard Magazine in the case of the former. It was in this capacity he got to interview Philip Rosedale (then still at Real Networks), and as a result, joined that company before joining Linden Lab.

As well as working for the Lab, Brett also teaches as a local university in Washington State, covering journalism, social media persuasion, etc., and while he has never specifically presented courses on virtual worlds, he has included Second Life in some of his teaching. He particularly enjoys the creativity surrounding Second Life, and is very sensitive to the misconception that Linden Lab “doesn’t understand” Second Life or how to promote it, or that the marketing team “doesn’t spend time in-world”, pointing out that (like many Linden staffers), he is in-world both on his official and personal accounts, the latter allowing him to be engaged within the community without being identified as a Linden.


Brett Linden (l) and Darcy Linden (r) will be joining fellow Marketing team member Strawberry Linden for the March 6th edition of Lab Gab

Brett will be joined by Strawberry Linden (also Strawberry Singh), one of the Lab’s newer recruits, but a long-time and high-profile SL user famous for her blog, photography and videos. Also joining them will be Senior Marketing Manager Darcy Linden, whom I’m afraid I don’t know, and cannot provide information about here, so my apologies to Darcy.

Together they will be answering questions about the 2020 Roadmap for Marketing Second Life. So, if you have a marketing-related question you’d like to put to the team, fill out the Google Form and submit your question today, and it may be selected!

The programme will be streamed via YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, or Periscope, and if all goes according to plan, I’ll have a summary of the video (and the video itself) available soon after the the broadcast, for those unable to watch live.