Fantasy Faire 2020: dates announced and merchant applications open

via Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire, the largest fantasy-related event to take place in Second Life, will take place in 2020 from Thursday, April 23rd, through Sunday May 10th, 2020 inclusive, with the scheduled activities programme running between April 23rd and Monday, May 4th.

The theme for this year’s event has yet to be formally announced, although at the time of writing, the banner still displays the 2019 theme – but this may change. In the meantime, merchant applications for this year’s Faire opened on Wednesday, February 12th with the following announcement:

Have you been reloading this page for months, waiting for this moment? Have you been having nightmares of waking up in May and realizing you forgot about the Faire? Did you become a Fairelander last year and now cannot wait to become a bigger part of the annual enchantment?

For all of you struggling with the Faire-withdrawal, the moment of that first step of the spring is here.

As with previous years, Fantasy Faire 2019 will comprise multiple shopping regions offering space to Second Life’s top Fantasy Creators, offering the most comprehensive opportunity for fantasy shopping. In addition, there will be further regions focusing on entertainment, the Fairelands Quest, art and more.

The Shrine Tree, Fantasy Faire 2019

The merchant opportunities run from L$2,500 for a Themed Store with a 300 Land Impact allowance through to L$60,000 to sponsor an entire shopping region with (among other things) a store with 1,600 LI, plus merchant name in the region’s title and landmark, and region crossing recognition.

Merchants interested in participating in this year’s Fantasy Faire should visit the guidelines and applications page for full details on the available opportunities.

As always, I’ll be doing my best to provide updates and relay news on Fantasy Faire through the pages of this blog – but to keep right up-to-date on things, be sure to visit the Fantasy Faire website, and follow the event via the social media links below.

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