A Recollection in Second Life

Recollection, December 2019 – click any image for full size

Recollection is a 1/4 Full region designed by Edge Shabazz with HanaFairy that offers those who seek it, a summery place of rest, peace and  – if they choose – reflection.

As one might expect from the description above, as well as from its name, the parcel offers a relaxing, gentle setting that is easy to explore and appreciate. It is also a place that hides a secret for people to discover. That said, at the time of our visit in late November, the landing point had a decidedly Halloween feel to it, with a tiny Japanese style cemetery complete with ghost, skeleton and pumpkin. This feeling is increased by the somewhat gloomy default parcel-level windlight – I’d actually recommend flicking this to something a little brighter to fully appreciate the setting.

Recollection, December 2019

On arrival, it’s clear this is a place where free roaming is encouraged – while there is a “path” running through the landing point, it is not necessary to follow it; there is more than enough to see beyond it. For those who opt to use it, it links a small island to the south and the bridge stretching over the water to it, to a central (to the parcel) pond or lake, the way marked by tumbled drystone walls.

To the west of this path is a small beach and to the east the ruins of an old tower. both offer places to sit and enjoy the location, as do the grasslands connecting them: benches midst the grass and sings hanging from tree branches.

Recollection, December 2019

Across the parcel are touches of fantasy, starting with the old tower mentioned above and continuing across the little brook that lies just over the little hillock from the tower, where colourful ‘Shrooms and a fairy ring can be found on the way to the central lake.

The sense of fantasy continues with the lake itself. Rich with a carpet of spider lilies, this is home to koi swimming serenely and quite naturally above the lilies and water as a flying boat is suspended overhead on a pair of balloons. Elsewhere, awaiting discovery is a summer greenhouse, an open air picnic bench and an ancient piano playing softly. Nor is that all that is to be found.

Recollection, December 2019

However, it is across the lake that the parcel’s secret can be found. Marked by a Torii gate and surrounded by a circle of rocks young trees, is a pond-within-a-lake. Step into the waters here and you’ll find them considerably deeper than those surrounding the ring, however, hiding as they do the entrance to a set of underwater caves and chambers within which can be found a hidden shrine.

Filled with oriental touches, Recollection is a delightful place to visit, finished with an appropriate sound scape. It is a place for photography or spending time with someone close or alone and reminiscing, and is very much a worthwhile visit.

Recollection, December 2019

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