VWBPE 2020: call for proposals

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The 13th annual  Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education (VWBPE) conference was recently announced, together with a call for proposals, which combines calls for presentation proposals, proposals for exhibits, and proposals for and immersive experiences.

The conference will take place between Thursday, March 26th through Saturday 28th, 2020 inclusive, and has the theme Stellar, with the organisers noting:

When we look up into the night sky, almost every one of us is filled with awe as to the immense possibilities of what could be out there. New stars, galaxies, planets … even the very real possibility of life. There are a billion, billion opportunities, so rich in ways in which it can influence our understanding of everything around us.

Education is no different. We are surrounded by hundreds of millions of people teaching and learning from each other, all filled with possibilities … Instructors hold a special place in that cosmos. They are the guiding stars that help fuel the imagination to create, to build, to communicate, to partner. It is little wonder that instructors are innovators themselves, seeking out new worlds, new frontiers, and new opportunities for learning, as well as teaching.

On November 13th, 2019, VWBPE opened its call for proposals for the 2020 conference. This year the conference will include four conference presentation formats: in addition to the Spotlight Presentations, Hands on Technology Workshops, and Compass Points Round Table Discussions, the 2020 conference will include an additional track, Micro Burst Clusters for presentations no longer than 15 minutes.

Full details on the tracks and formats can be found on the VWBPE 2020 Call for Proposals page. In addition, those considering participating in the conference as presenters are asked to read the Presentation Paper Submission Guidelines for additional and supporting information.

The closing dates for submissions are as follows:

  • Presentations: Monday, January 13th, 2020.
  • Immersive Experiences: Monday, February 10th, 2020.
  • Exhibits: Sunday, February 16th, 2020.
VWBPE 2019: Lecture Area B

Sponsorship Opportunities

The VWBPE organiser are currently seeking sponsors for this year’s conference to help to keep this open source conference free for all to participate and to help with the conference’s informational systems, live streams, and archives active.

Your generous support will help raise your organization’s profile to gain the attention of over 1000 conference participants, including K-12 instructors, post-secondary instructors, researchers, non-profits, creative designers, education business leaders, and social media influencers in the field of education.

– From the VWBPE sponsorship page

Sponsorship opportunities start at US $250 for organisations and groups. Those interested are referred to the official VWBPE Sponsorship Opportunities pack, or sign-up directly / contact the organisers via the conference sponsorship page.


VWBPE is a global grass-roots community event focusing on education in immersive virtual environments which attracts over 2,000  educational professionals from around the world each year, who participate in 150-200 online presentations including theoretical research, application of best practices, virtual world tours, hands-on workshops, discussion panels, machinima presentations, and poster exhibits.

In the context of the conference, a “virtual world” is an on-line community through which users can interact with one another and use and create ideas irrespective of time and space. As such, typical examples include Second Life, OpenSimulator, Unity, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, and so on, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or any virtual environments characterised by an open social presence and in which the direction of the platform’s evolution is manifest in the community.

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Kimeu’s whimsy at DiXmiX Gallery in Second Life

DiXmiX Gallery: Kimeu Korg

A year after his last return to DiXmiX Gallery, Kimeu Korg currently has an exhibition there  – at least for a while longer, as it opened at the start of November.

Osmosis De Un Sueño (Osmosis of the dream”) is something of a “continuing” theme with Kimeu’s work exhibited at DiXimX, the “first part” of which appeared in June 2018 (see Colour, whimsy and monochrome in Second Life, June 2018), with the second part appearing in the aforementioned November 2018 exhibition (see: Kimeu Korg: a return to DiXmiX in Second Life).

I’ve always found Kimeu’s work to be be among the most visually expressive and often surreal art to be found in Second Life – and this is very much on display in this exhibition, which features a wonderful mix of Kimeu’s Second Life art and physical world paintings, all of which have a delightful twist of humour within them.

DiXmiX Gallery: Kimeu Korg

As I’ve previously noted in writing about Kimeu’s work, he often warns those visiting his work not to “burn your mind thinking about the meaning of this or that in my works,” before continuing, “but if you think there are symbols and hidden messages, feel free to imagine. Go any way the wind blows!”

In the case of this exhibition, the humour within the dozen pieces offered here very much speaks for itself. Take Mug of Coffee for example – who can honestly say that they haven’t felt like that first thing in the morning, or after a long day at work? However, at least one does speak to something deeper: The Border, has imagery that would appear to comment on the controversy of the United States’ southern border and the Trump administration’s  immigration policies.

DiXmiX Gallery: Kimeu Korg

This is another series of images worth taking the time to see. When viewing it, visitors might like to avail themselves to the two other exhibits currently on offer at the gallery at the time of writing this piece. By Mrs. S and Natsumi Xenga, these are altogether more adult / NSFW in nature, touching as they do on themes of sexuality, eroticism and BDSM. They can be found in the gallery’s Grey hall (with the main entrance) and the upper White Gallery.

Also, those going to The Womb,, directly below the gallery’s main halls can find Theda Tamas’ 3D piece utilising Animesh, Dancing In Between.

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A farewell to Annon in Second Life

Annon, November 2019

Alia Baroque is one of Second Life’s foremost fantasy designers. His avatars, clothing, and accessories for fantasy role-play in SL are legendary – as are his region builds for each year’s Fantasy Faire. His base of operations in-world has been – and remains-  a set of regions focused on his in-world store at Selidor, which had additionally been places for exploration and photography.

I mention this because Annie Brightstar brought to my attention the fact that Alia has decided to retire Annon, one of his regions and a well-known setting in Second Life, and will be doing so at the end of Sunday, November, 17th 2019; so I decided to hop across to take a last look.

Annon, a homestead region, is the home of The Tower Gate of Annon and Flowing Monastery. It’s a place I’ve visited on numerous occasions – although I’ve only actually blogged about once, far back in 2012. It’s also a place with a long history, dating back to 2010.

Annon, November 2019

The Tower Gate originated as a build for the 2010 RFL of SL weekend, and was constructed in just 7 days. A prim build, it is has been standing guard over the Fallen Gods regions largely unchanged since being relocated. Alongside of it, just across the water, sit the Flowing Monastery, another prim build sitting atop a rugged knuckle of and island. But for a single blossoming tree in the cloister, the monastery is an empty building, lending a haunting beauty to it and the island on which it sits. The Tower Gate, however, offers multiple points of interest for those exploring its halls.

As Alia notes, both builds have stood for almost a decade, almost unchanged through the years – and certainly untouched by Alia for around half of that time. Thus, while they are in some ways monuments to Second Life’s history, they are also something that now sit outside of his Second Life vision. So, he plans to retire the builds to inventory before returning the regions to Linden Lab on November 20th, 2019.

Annon, November 2019

In retiring the region, Alia has emphasised hie is doing so not because of issues with tier or anything like it, nor does he wish to have donations made towards their possible upkeep or enquiries about purchasing them, noting:

They need to go to allow Selidor and Athan to flourish and be reborn … I am not interested in selling them or any contribution for their extended existence, the tip jar was always there so it won’t make a difference as I take this choice happily and without regrets. So please, if anyone has a sudden moment of making a fund-raiser thinking I am doing this because of a dire need, don’t.

I hope you enjoyed it until now and will remember the region with fondness, happy memories and longing, but I also hope you will be excited to see the new rebuild and update of the rest of the Archipelagos of Fallen Gods that I plan, hopefully soon.

– Alia Baroque, November 13th, 2019

Annon, November 2019

Those who wish to pay a last visit to Annon are encouraged to do so before the end of November 17th, 2019 (SLT). In addition, those who can are invited to join a Fantasy Faire LitFest tour of the region that will start at 14:00 SLT on Sunday.

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  • Annon – The Gate (Annon (rated Moderate)