Innfest: celebrating Innsmouth and Lovecraft in Second Life

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I almost missed this – largely because no PR material seems to have been sent out (or at least in my direction), but currently in progress through until the end of August 27th, 2019, is InnFest, a special celebration.

2019 marks the 129th anniversary of the “Grandfather of Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction”, H.P. Lovecraft, and the 10th anniversary of the founding of Innsmouth, the region dedicated to celebrating the genre Lovecraft created. Thus, InnFest is a double celebration of both Lovercraft’s birth and Innsmouth’s 10th anniversary.


The festival takes place on and over the Innsmouth region, which itself in modelled Lovercraft’s famous setting as it appeared in his 1931 novel The Shadows over Innsmouth, written in 1931, and which opened on August 20th, 2009, the 119th anniversary of Lovecraft’s birth.

Originally founded and operated by Darmin Darkes and her team, Innsmouth ran successfully for a number of years before hitting some financial difficulties that threatened it with closure (see: A new shadow looms over Innsmouth, September 2014). This prompted AriktheRed – who in 2012 had started organising the annual LoveFest in celebration of Lovecraft’s birth – to launch the Save Innsmouth campaign, which was both successful and saw Arik take over running the Innsmouth region.

This year’s very special celebration take place both on the ground at Innsmouth, and at various locations in the sky over it, and has featured / will feature both SL DJs and live entertainers, including: Archangelo Hellmann, AngelKitty Skizm, Bloodwain Arun, Rosedrop Rust, Larree Quixote, Wald Schridde and Vampink Cuddihy. Films are being shown at the region’s Arkham Theatre, and others evens featuring the likes of Seanchai Library and DRUM, at the Innsmouth Opera House and Miskatonic University (which forms the main lading point for the event). The festival will close with a Masquerade Ball on August 27th at 9:00 pm SLT.


For details of all events at the festival, please refer to the InnFest event calendar and also to the new festival website.

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