Art with a Monocle Man in Second Life

Monocle Gallery

Monocle Man is a new gallery endeavour by Lynx Iuga, along with SL partner Kit Boyd, that is available for artists seeking a free, short-term space in which to exhibit their art.

We would love to inform you about a new concept at Monocle Man. We have two lovely exposition places that we would love to share with you. Showing your wonderful work to others and share it or even sell it. Have your own free gallery for a short time (20 days)! Ask Lynx or Kit for more information.

– from the Monocle Man introductory note card

Monocle Gallery: DustinPedroia

Occupying two floors – a main ground floor and a mezzanine upper level – with the décor suggestive of a café or private club, the ground-level gallery offers a fair amount of wall space for art exhibitions in an environment that makes for a comfortable visit. Outside is a teleport lead up to the additional gallery spaces and other attractions.

Currently on exhibition is DustinPedroia, a Second Life photographer focusing on avatar studies. He presents some two dozen pieces covering a range of themes, from fairly direct portraiture through fantasy to studies of love and companionship.

This range of themes makes this exhibition and eclectic, engaging viewing, one that is enhanced by Dusty’s use of different styles in finishing his images, employing soft focus in some, a degree of colour saturation in another, tonal colouring in others, a split balance of monochrome and colour, and so on. These variations in style ensure that each piece offered appears fresh and new to the eye.

Monocle Gallery: DustinPedroia

As is well known to anyone reading these pages, I’m particularly drawn to artists who can tell a story with their images – and Dusty most certainly falls into this category. Take A Primise [sic] Within or Let Freedom Ring, sitting side-by-side at the back of the ground floor of the gallery. The former embraces a moment from a much broader tale just waiting for the imagination to unfold, the latter contains both a story and an evocative statement for the current political climate in the United States (and other western nations).

Elsewhere, the message / story is perhaps more subtle / evocative / personal, but it is there nevertheless. Just look at the likes of Take On Me and You Make Me Smile as just two examples of this.

Monocle Gallery: DustinPedroia

Having opened on July 6th, Dusty’s work will be on display for another 18 days – and definitely should not be missed. And as noted, artists wishing to available themselves of the gallery should contact either Lynx or Kit in-world.

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