RFL 2019: are you ready for the Weekend?

RFL of SL 2019: Relay Weekend

The Relay For Life of Second Life Relay Weekend for 2019 is upon us, and will feature everything one would expect from the event – walks, celebrations, remembrances, the luminaria ceremony, interviews, music, dance, and more, all in aid of the American Cancer Society in its efforts to eradicate cancer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of sneak peeks around the regions that make up this year’s walk, together with the activities regions, and to say they are extraordinary would be an understatement. Spanning 36 regions, including the core American Cancer Society region, the Second Life RFL Relay Weekend promises to be spectacular.

RFL of SL 2019: recall RFL mega events, such as the SciFi Con

Activities will kick off at 10:00 SLT on Saturday, June 8th, and will feature 24 hours of themed laps, activities and entertainment. The weekend will wrap up 24 hours later, on Sunday, June 9th at 10:00 SLT. Featured events between those two times include:

Saturday, July 16th 2016

  • 10:00 SLT Opening Ceremony:  the weekend formally begins at the Ceremony Stage.
  • 11:00 SLT Celebrate: The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the celebrate ceremony.  A Survivor/Caregiver honour walk
  • 21:00 SLT Remember – The Luminaria Ceremony:  a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music as the regions are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate.  Please walk the track in silence

Sunday, July 17th 2016:

  • 06:00 SLT Fight Back: Collect your Fight Back Kits and Fight Back Flags available at the Relay Information Stations along the track, and pledge to save a life: your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet
  • 10:00 SLT Closing Ceremony: a closing tribute to al that RFL of SL has accomplished at the Ceremony Stage.
RFL of SL 2019: witness art – with pieces like this, by Cica Ghost and Bryn Oh

Track Themed Laps

From 11:00 SLT on Saturday, June 8th through until 09:00 SLT on Sunday June 9th, relayers will be able to join in laps around the relay track that winds through all of the event regions will commence, each with its own focus / theme. The times mean that no matter where you are, if you believe in supporting efforts to reduce  / eliminate cancer in all its forms, there is likely a slot when you can spend time walking the track. You don’t have to go a whole hour – just hit the start line, walk – and make a donation!

All times below are SLT.

Saturday, June 8th
Sunday, June 9th
11:00: Survivor/Caregiver Lap sponsored by the Relay Rockers 00:00: Midnight Masquerade!
12:30: Teams Lap sponsored by Together We Are Mighty 01:00 Wear the Rainbow
14:00: Purple Hour 02:00: Demos!
15:00: Halloween Hour sponsored by River Park Club 03:00: Girl / Boy Next Door (library outfits)
16:00: All Aboard! Uniforms (conductors, pilots, flight attendants, ship captains, etc.) 04:00: Beachwear
17:00: All Aboard! 15th Anniversary Lap (wear any Relay shirt from year’s past) sponsored by the Relay Rockers 05:00: Crazy Hats
18:00: Animals, Prehistoric, Dinosaurs sponsored by Harmony of Hope – In loving memory of Kate 06:00: Fight Back Lap
19:00 Walk your pet / Shoulder pets 07:00: Pajama Party!
20:00: Formal Wear 08:00: Mother Earth sponsored by Harmony of Hope
21:00: Luminaria Ceremony 09:00: Black and White
22:00: Fantasy / Magical 10:00: Closing Ceremony & Victory Lap
23:00: Game of Thrones


Music will be provided throughout the weekend by the following DJs (all times SLT):

Saturday, June 8th:  09:00 Trader Whiplash; 11:00 Nuala Maracas; 12:30 Gem Sunkiller; 14:00 Fizban Underwood; 15:00 Anni Braveheart; 16:30 Tazzie Tuque; 18:00 BenVee; 19:30 Tril MacLeod; 22:00 Fuzzball Ortega

Sunday, June 9th: 00:00 Lia Vipera BrightFlame; 01:00 Madonna; 02:30 Elrik Merlin; 04:00 Luke Flywalker; 06:00 FIGHT BACK LAP with Nuala Maracas; 07:00 Madelyn Majestic; 08:30- 10:00 Trader Whiplash; 11:00 Nuala Maraca.

You can catch all the music both at the event or anywhere on the grid or on-line, by tuning into T1 Radio – including coverage of the ceremonies.

RFL of SL 2019: Relay Weekend

Where To Start

If you’re new to RFL of SL weekends, probably the best place to start is the ACS Welcome Area, or you can opt to drop in directly at main stage at RFL Unity. And don’t forget to visit the RFL Museum, and recall RFL events of the past!

So, are you ready to Relay?

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