Edie Horngold at DiXmiX

DiXmiX Gallery: Edie Horngold

Now open at DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is an exhibition of art by Edie Horngold entitled What’s the Pointe? It is located in the gallery’s White Gallery exhibition hall on the mezzanine level, and as might be hinted at in the title, it has something of a ballet theme to it.

On display are 13 images presented in black-and-white or soft tones, each focused on a dancer, either in full or on a specific aspect of her dance. or attire – such as ballerina flats in the case of the latter, or the hands placed in premiere en bas in the case of the former. Some present poses that might not be considered “traditional” ballet poses, but certainly echo the central theme.

DiXmiX Gallery: Edie Horngold

The use of black-and-white / soft tones causes the eye to be drawn into each of the images far more effectively that had they been rendered in colour. It also gives them a crisp depth that gives them a degree of life that again, might not be as evident were the images produced in colour.

While it is likely to be accidental rather than by design, the monochrome nature of What’s the Pointe? offers a powerful and engaging contrast with My Anonymous Shadow, the exhibition of work by Dixmix Source on display in the Grey Gallery hall, and which you can read about here).

DiXmiX Gallery: Edie Horngold

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