1st annual International Photography Festival

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Annie Scott-Siegel (claera) and Nils Urqhart have announced the “First Annual International Photography Festival” to be held at the Art’e Gallery in Helvellyn.

Running from Saturday, April 13th through to Sunday, May 12th, 2019, the festival will highlight physical world photography submitted by Second Life artists and photographers. It is open to submissions meeting the following criteria:

  • Submissions must be photographs taken in the physical world – no images from Second Life or other games or 3D platforms or digital art or renderings.
  • All content must be family friendly. Images can depict the human body in all of its forms, but any nudity must be presented tastefully.
    • No sexually explicit imagery will be tolerated (and will be returned).
    • Any lewd depictions of under-age subjects will be rejected and reported (even if they are not nude).

Images may be offered for sale, and participants can advertise their involvement in the festival. There is no fee or commission for any sales.

Submission Details

  • The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 SLT on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 no exceptions.
  • Submissions must be in the form of a texture with a minimum size of 1024×1024.
    • Do not send a box or NC containing multiple submissions.
  • No more than 15 images per artist.
  • Each image must contain the photographer’s avatar name (not Display Name) as part of the submission’s Name field, and the photograph’s Description field.
  • Submitted image textures should have the following permissions: No-Modify/Yes-Copy/No-Transfer for review.
    • Any frame submitted for use with textures should be a single prim, set to the same permissions.
    • Please do not use scripts in a submitted frame.
  • Artists will be responsible for the layout of their own installation at the gallery ahead of the festival opening.

All submissions should be made directly to Nils Urqhart or Annie Scott-Siegel, in-world. Questions or enquiries should also be directed to Annie or Nils.

5 thoughts on “1st annual International Photography Festival

  1. Ya, it’s weird, showing RL photography in SL. Rips you outta the virtuality and immersion, doesn’t it? And why no theme but a lot of hullaballoo about nekkies and human bodies n shit? So I take it this ain’t about landscape or architectural photography? Sounds very boring.

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    1. I’m not sure why viewing RL images should “pull you out of the immersion”; I’ve yet to find this to be the case, as I routinely cover RL art and photography in SL. That’s the richest of the platform: it allows artists and photographers mix their audiences and markets, be it with those from SL being able to present and sell their virtual art in the physical world (vis Bryn Oh, Toysoldier Tor and Whiskey Monday to name but three), or physical world artists / photographers being able to present their “RL” art in the virtual sphere, (a-la Kayly Iali, Sheba Blitz, Nils Urqhart, Milly Sharple, John Brianna (who is a physical world photographer as well as an SL photographer, etc).

      I would also suggest you’re mis-reading the criteria (although I admit, a broader statement on what is allowed would have helped; I could only go with what was supplied to me). This isn’t just portrait photography; Nils, for example, is a RL landscape photographer who has regular exhibitions in SL, both at his own gallery and as a guest of other galleries. The “hullaballoo” regarding the presentation of people is actually there in order to avoid images that include people from crossing the line with SL’s ToS, Community Standards and / or region maturity ratings. It’s actually typical of criteria placed in photography (and art) contests / exhibitions that are open to submission, even when they are focused solely on images produced in Second Life.

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      1. See, Inara, I was always kinda purist and for long years existed purely in SL. As Orca I had my own backstory and no concept of RL. I’m one of the ‘SL and RL don’t mix’ crowd. “artists and photographers mix their audiences” is something that makes me shiver. Sorry, can’t jump outta my skin.


        1. Well, that’s the beauty of SL. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (if I might borrow from a certain 50-year-old science fiction franchise).

          Those who wish to have a solid fourth wall between their physical and digital selves are welcome to do so. As are those who might want to break through that fourth wall and allow a complete blending of physical and virtual (as we’ve seen just this week with Teal and Wolfie in Love Made In SL.
          There’s also room for those who wish to allow glimmers of their physical life filter into their digital selves, and vice versa. If a particular style of interaction doesn’t appeal, we’re free to simply pass on it and stick with those that do engage us, no harm done.


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