Black and White at the Lyric Art Gallery in Second Life

Lyric Art Gallery – Black and White: Ebcy Clift (l) and Boone Blanco

Opening on Saturday, January 5th, 2019 at the Lyric Art Gallery is Visual Feast: Black and White, an exhibition featuring over 30 artists (and for which I’m kicking myself, as I was invited to participate… and then forgot!). Each of those artists participating was asked to submit and image on the theme of winter landscapes, although some of the art displayed takes a slightly different turn on presentation, with several pieces, while monochrome, focused on avatars.

Exhibitions like this are often an interesting way of getting to see work by artists / photographers with whom you might not be familiar or otherwise get to see – or to re-acquaint oneself with the work of artists not seen in a while. Such is the case for myself, in coming across First Touch by  Leonorah Beverly, and artist whose work I only recently encountered for the first time, instantly finding her landscape work instantly captivating. With First Touch, whilst not a landscape, demonstrates her skill in presenting an evocative story within an image.

Lyric Art Gallery: Emma D’Souza (l); Beccha (c) and Leonorah Beverly

Within those pictures that keep more-or-less to the theme of winter landscapes, these is a fascinating mix; from “straight-forward” pieces with fields of snow or trains chugging between snow banks, or houses sheltering under thick blankets of snow, through to more subtle views of winter: snowflakes drifting through an open window (Black and White by Beccha); or wonderfully atmospheric, with a bridge caught under a sullen sky; the clouds portents of cold weather (Bridge Over Troubled Water by Mishe Mactavish).

The avatar studies are equally  broad ranging, with several encompassing the winter theme as the setting, others focused purely on the avatar(s) imaged. While it is not surprising avatars get to feature in some of the images – we can be much a part of a winter setting as fir trees, snowmen and frozen ponds -, I admit to being surprised at the number of images that more-or-less eschew the winter theme (or present it only minimally) in favour of presenting a portrait, either completely or to a greater degree. Which is not to say any of them are any the less captivating – I found Pure by Andre Mascot (Snouman) particularly striking, for example.

Lyric Art Gallery: Gwen Enchanted (L); Gustaf (pv544); Fenn MacMoragh (r)

All told a very eclectic, engaging exhibition that offer more of a mix than might be expected from the invitation / greeter description. For those able to attend, the official opening will take place at 11:00 SLT, on Saturday, January 5th, 2019, with music by DJ Fae.

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6 thoughts on “Black and White at the Lyric Art Gallery in Second Life

  1. Leonorah has long been one of my favorites. Glad you found her, and got to mention her here. I’ll be sure to check out the others. –Seicher Rae in SL


  2. So far, the Visual Feast exhibitions/contests have been a lot of fun, and the events are a good time too.

    Thanks so much for a lovely write-up about this, and I’m chuffed that one of my photos appears in your post.

    As for the winter theme—to show that I am apparently terrible at reading guidelines—I didn’t actually realise there was a winter theme to the exhibition! Possibly I should go back and study these notecards before I shoot! 😉


  3. Hey Inara Pey,

    Lovely blog post. I did notice one thing which is you mentioned there was a winter theme for the gallery. However, the only theme for this gallery is black and white. Some of the art just happened to be styled around winter because of the time of year. Hope that answers your question on why some photos weren’t in the “winter theme” because they were just being their creative selves. 🙂


    1. I was going on the invite, perhaps a little too literally, although it does read both ways…


  4. Hello Inara,

    Thank you very much for the lovely blog article. I am Jaz, one of the organizers of the exhibition.

    Our apologies if the invite seemed to read that the exhibition was about Winter Landscapes. The exhibition, as Kit said, was centered on the black and white theme. We shall be careful to ensure that there is no ambiguity the next time. :).

    I hope you are able to participate the next time and join us for the opening party. Thanks again for visiting the gallery and for the interesting blog article and beautiful photos.

    Warm regards


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