Second Life bug tracker upgrade: August 29th, 2018

On Wednesday, August 29th, the Second Life bug tracking and feature request system will be undergoing an upgrade, starting at 20:30 SLT (so the early hours of the morning for those in Europe).

The scheduled window for the upgrade is some six hours in length, although as the official blog post states, it is hoped that the overall downtime will be far less than this.

The primary aim of the upgrade is to bring the Second Life bug tracking system up to a more recent release of the Jira software used the manage the bug tracker by Atlassian Corporation plc.

From a user’s perspective, most of the changes are of a cosmetic nature, again as the official blog post notes; the most obvious being the new log-in page that will be displayed for users following the upgrade, and whenever they are required to log-in to the system to use it.

One of the more visible changes with the Jira update will be the format of the log-in page (left), compared with the more familiar log-in page for most Second Life web properties (right)

An important aspect of this change is that every time you log-in to the new system, it updates the email address  that Jira uses for you from the one given with your Second Life account, instead of only updating it the very first time you use Jira, as is the case with the “old” system.

As well as this, there are various layout improvements and updates to the information displayed in things like a user’s dashboard, and some revised positioning of options and buttons.

Key among the latter is likely to be the positioning of the option to create a new bug report / feature request, etc. On the current Jira, this is located in the top right corner of a user’s dashboard. After the upgrade, it should be a lot more front-and-centre on a dashboard, appearing as a blue button.

Following the upgrade, I understand the option to file new bug reports, etc., will be moved from the top right of the Bug Tracker dashboard (shown top for the current version used by the Lab) to a more prominent, button-like position with the new Bug Tracker version, as I believe it will appear after the upgrade (shown bottom)

I understand from the Lab there the upgrade also means some changes to how they handle bug reports, etc., internally, but these should not see any significant changes to actually filing bug reports and feature requests. However, there may be some additional cosmetic changes to some of the forms used with the system, and if so, these will take place once the new system has had time to settle.

I have been working on a guide to filing bug reports and feature requests (with the assistance of a number of people from Linden Lab) for those unfamiliar with using Jira, and hope to be able to publish this, as it reflects the new system, in the near future.