Abstract and surreal in Second Life

La Maison d’Aneli: Cullum Writer

Now open at La Maison d’Aneli Gallery, curated by Aneli Abeyante, and located in the gallery’s sky exhibitions space, is a series of exhibitions which – with one exception – might be described as exercises in the surreal and the abstract, mixed with a little geometry.  The artists sharing the space are Cullum Writer, JudiLynn India, Senka Beck and 9Volt Borkotron, and Aneli Abeyante herself. Four of these artists are exhibited on the upper level of the gallery space, and one on the lower, who shares the space with Megan Prumier, who completes the current set of artists.

“My work is entirely intuitive,” JudiLynn says of her paintings. “I get lost in the layering of texture and colour. My work embodies my spirit and personality [and] my goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind’s eye.” The result of this approach is highly individual painting, rich in colour, abstract – sometimes surreal – in nature, which are by turns wonderful primal and, despite their abstract nature, very natural.

La Maison d’Aneli: JudiLynn India

This latter aspect is though the layering of colour to which JudiLynn refers, and the colours themselves, offering a rich foundation of what might be called earth colours – greens, blues, browns, which are overlaid and blended with bright, vibrant yellow, oranges, red, golds and more, to create images that can be so richly interpreted by the imagination.

Facing Judilynn’s exhibit is that by Aneli Abeyanti. Fully embracing geometry in their form and motion (most of the pieces are animated), these are glorious pieces of modern abstract art, mesmerising in form and movement. A small display, true – just seven pieces; but one not to be missed.

Maison d’Aneli: Aneli Abeyanti

Between the two, and to one side is Detoxomania an immersive 3D art piece of abstract form by Senka Beck and 9Volt Borkotron. In terms of colour, this is again a primal installation in may respect, the colours and motion within it intended to illicit an emotional response. It’s also ethereally tactile. Moving (or camming) through it, it is as if the various elements can be felt as one passes them.

“It isn’t about substance abuse,” Senka explains of the piece, which might be seen as a surreal landscape, “but about the mania of interpreting our lives in terms of toxicity. Toxic people, toxic relationships, toxic environments, toxic thoughts … Please enter, reflect and detoxify if you may.” To aid those wishing to do so are places within the installation to sit and contemplate.

Maison d’Aneli: Senka Beck and 9Volt Borkotron

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Cullum Writer found her artistic inspiration through Second Life. From in-world snapshots, her expressionism has grown to encompass fractals, collages, and digital art with a defined geometric foundation. She presents some 14 pieces at La Maison d’Aneli on the lower floor of the exhibition space. All of them are abstract in nature and exceptional at capturing the eye. Some appear to be traditional painting in form, others more digital in origin, with a stylistic flow from left to right as you face her display area.

Also on the lower level, and standing quite aside from the more abstract exhibitions Is a small monochrome exhibition of Megan Prumier’s always evocative avatar studies.

La Maison d’Aneli: Megan Prumier

Overall, an interesting, eclectic selection of art across five exhibitions.

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