Sisi Biedermann’s Wonderful World in Second Life

Sisi Biedermann – What a Wonderful World

Now open at the Lin C Art Gallery, curated by Lin Carlucci, is What A Wonderful World, an exhibition of the extraordinary art of Sisi Biedermann.

I’ve reported on a couple of exhibitions featuring Sisi’s art of late – and with good reason; her work – all of it original pieces she has painted and composed – is quite unlike art produced within Second Life and exhibited in-world – nor is it quite like any real world art uploaded into Second Life by artists. Rather, and in a sense, thanks to Sisi’s imagination, style, and rich use of colour and ideas, to me it straddles the two. So many of her pieces could depict settings and situations waiting to be created in-world, whilst all offer doorways into fantastical worlds that come to life as virtual places within our imaginations.

Sisi Biedermann – What a Wonderful World

Sisi’s work is broad-ranging, although there is a focus perhaps on wildlife and fantasy art. It is also so skilfully executed, it is possible to become a lost in her techniques (which, I’d hazard a guess mix both traditional and digital approaches – but I have not had the opportunity  to discuss this with her), as in the stories contained within each painting.

What is particularly captivating about many of Sisi’s pieces also lies within the manner in which she presents them. Some may appear to be oil or watercolour on canvas, others as tiled mosaics, and others appear to have been embossed. Which approach is used doesn’t appear to be as result of random thought; often times the presentation and finish to a piece is as much a part of its story as the images itself. Take The Boy in The Moon, for example, with the embossing of a net-like finish over the piece as the boy dangles his rod from a crescent Moon; or the finish impressed on to My Amazing Garden that allows the imagination to feel the texture of flower petals and the soft brush of dandelion heads…

Sisi Biedermann – What a Wonderful World

With around fifty pieces on display, this is the largest exhibition of Sisi’s work I’ve seen, and my only small regret is that none of the wildlife pieces see at exhibitions she’s held earlier in the year aren’t also more in evidence here. This is obviously to avoid any feeling of repetition in displaying her work – but such is the sheer beauty and power contained within her animal images, it would have been nice to have seen a fox or a giraffe or similar here…

And if you think 50 is a lot of pieces to display – where Sisi is concerned, I assure you it isn’t. As I’ve intimated, these are more than just paintings, they are stories, and as such, they are each as individually engaging to the eye and imagination as the last.

Sisi Biedermann – What a Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World will remain open through until Thursday, September 13th, and should not be missed.

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