Wurfi’s Little Gallery: celebrating SL photography in Sansar

Visiting Wurfi’s little Gallery with Silas Merlin

A while back, Linden Lab offered Sansar users a free, basic gallery building space. It’s not overly complex or particularly big; but it remains a nice freebie to have. At the time I thought it could make a neat little studio gallery for showing off SL photography; all it needed was the right artist.

Step forward Wurfi, virtual worlds explorer, blogger and photographer.

Wurfi has  – entirely independently of my own thoughts on the idea, which were never passed on to anyone – done just that. Wurfi’s Little Gallery is exactly what it says on the label: a little gallery exhibiting some of Wurfi’s SL photography; eight pieces in all (at the time of writing).

Wurfi’s Little Gallery: the bear in his art!

It’s a simple, elegant approach, the gallery sits essentially as a skybox, a spawn point inside, and the four walls adorned with Wurfi’s excellent photographs. It’s fast-loading, fun to visit, and offers a nice reminder of Second Life from within Sansar. It’s also a great little place for those who may not have tried Sansar to try out the client and the basic movement controls without being distracted or confused by Things. Just go, practice walking and admire the photography!

I’m hoping Wurfi expands it with more images from his Flickr stream in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Wurfi’s Little Gallery: celebrating SL photography in Sansar

  1. Aww, thank you very much Inara. I really appreciate that. I started to build the “experience” yesterday and released it today. I’ve had the idea for some time, but just recently figured out how to get objects (in this case prims with textures) out of SL to Sansar.


    1. I think we were thinking along the same lines :). I stumbled on the whole, “OK, how best to present SL photographs in Sansar,” bit as well, and ended up hoping someone might do it 🙂 . We need a shared experience space in Sansar where various things related to SL can be displayed as a means of possible cross-pollination, so to speak 🙂 .

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  2. Never met Wurfi in person but judging by his SL avatar, this is not a little, but a tiny gallery.

    Oké, I show myself out …


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