Giovanna’s Allegories in Second Life

Solo Arte: Allegories

Opening on Friday, November 3rd, 2017, is an exhibition of Giovanna’s art entitled  Allegories, at Solo Arte, which runs through until November 24th.

Renowned for her immersive installations, Giovanna uses the open-air and gallery spaces at Solo Arte to present a range of her pieces, large and small. Some are standalone pieces, such as The Unbearable Lightness of Being, which sit in the small park adjacent to the landing point. Others are elements from larger installations, such as Circe from Il Folle Volo and also seen in Line, found in the piazza next to the bar, The Desire and The Bird from Flash Back / Flash Forward, which can be found in the small courtyard to the rear of the art space and Sirens from Il Folle Volo, as they float over the central canal.

Solo Arte: Allegories

The two largest pieces on display sit at either end of the canal, but the best way to appreciate the art on display is to follow the paths around the gallery space, starting at the park and then walking down to the main gallery building, then cross the canal to explore the other gallery building and the outdoor spaces.

Unlike the majority of Giovanna’s installation, there doesn’t appear to be a central theme to the exhibit – other than the name – but what is on display offers an intriguing glimpse of Giovanna’s significant talent in constructing thought-provoking and visually stunning pieces of 3D art.

Solo Arte: Allegories

The exhibition officially opens at 15:00 SLT, with music by DJ Faby.

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