The Argument in Second Life

The Argument: Liquid, Sommer, Tim Timaru, Anke Zamani and Mistero Hifeng

Opening on Tuesday, November 28th 2017 is The Argument, a collaborative exhibition featuring eighteen artists, taking place at Serena Imagine Arts Centre (the exhibition space is south of the landing point across the water).

“It is the second competition I have run,” the centre’s curator, Vita Theas, informed me. “Its a way for me to give a little prize to the artists, to thank them for letting me share their art with visitors here. The theme is about how many unjust things are in the world today, and how many feelings of hostility are festering among our global neighbours.”

The Argument: Nino Vichan

The eighteen participating artists are Aldiladeisogni, Aniwitt, Birdguru, Dilligaf, Lilarya, Maura77, o0Crystal0o, Lin Carlucci, Mistero Hifeng,  Scotsgraymouser Janus, Daco Monday, Blip Mumfizz, Liquid Sommer, Theda Tammas, Otekah Timaru, Tim Timaru, Nino Vichan, and Anke Zamani. Each presents a single piece on the subject, either as 2D or 3D art.

Given this, the pieces on offer take the core subject from a wide variety of angles and offer a broad range of interpretations. There is a focus on the complexities of personal relationships  – the most direct form of argument – are represented through portrayals of domestic disagreements, the consequences of a rushed marriage, the question of who we really are within a relationship and the masks we wear. But broader “arguments”, those brought about by racial discrimination / genocide, and war are also tackled.

It’s an eclectic, diverse collection of images and pieces, each one offering a unique perspective on the subject matter, making this an interesting exhibition.

The Argument: Otekah Timaru, Dilligraf and Lin Carlucci

As well as participating in The Argument, Italian artist Aldiladeisogni – a favourite of mine, to be honest – is the subject of a second exhibition at Serena Imagine, located just across the water from the group display (take the covered wooden bridge and cross the island between the two display areas). Six of his extraordinary avatar studies are on display, one offering a direct link to The Argument, being a sister piece to his submission in that exhibit.

The island between the two exhibition offer a route to a reproduction of the French Château de Chenonceau, built by Louis-Jean-Marie de Bourbon (Cedric Hansome) and donated to Vita so it could live on in Second Life following his departure. This is a marvellous period build, and one not to be missed.

Serena Imagine Arts: Aldiladeisogni

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