Following Giovanna’s Line

Line: Giovanna Cerise
Line: Giovanna Cerise

Wednesday, April 1st saw the opening on Giovanna Cerise’s installation Line, located on Franz Markstein’s region of Otium. A full sim installation Line is a symbiotic piece within the region, offering a means to appreciate Giovanna’s art in an original setting, whilst also – if you’ve not done so previously – exploring the beautiful setting of Otium itself.

Line presents numerous elements of Giovanna’s art in both 2D and 3D, at least one of which is interactive. These are located both indoors and outside, where you’ll encounter them along footpaths, in doorways, on terraces and further out from Otium’s charming village, along the beach or over the water.

Line: Giovanna Cerise
Line: Giovanna Cerise

The focus of the exhibit is an exploration of the concept of the line, perhaps the simplest  expression of artistic intent; one which, as it is drawn, painted or created, might lead anywhere. As Giovanna notes in her introduction to the installation, there is a depth and freedom hidden within the line, whether it is expressed in two or three dimensions – and, in the case of some of the works on display here, through a melding of 2D images to create a 3D piece.

All of the pieces found throughout the village and the region are available for purchase, and those familiar with Giovanna’s work may find some of them familiar, having been featured in previous exhibitions she has presented in Second Life. Their presence here helps to lend a sense of familiarity to the village for those who have not previously visited, as corners are turned or buildings entered, and pieces come into view which are recognised, and so offer a welcome.

Line: Giovanna Cerise
Line: Giovanna Cerise

What I particularly like about this exhibit is the manner in which the pieces on display within the village blend with their surroundings. They are placed against  walls, lie across the cobbles of footpaths and terraces, and so on. Thus on the one hand, there is a distinctly street art feel to them, and on the other they present the feeling that the artist has stolen through the village unseen, leaving these drawings behind to tantalize the locals and attract visitors’ attention, with both of these feelings drawing one onwards through the village to discover what else might be waiting around the next corner, under the next arch or against the next wall.

A number of LMs are supplied with the introductory notes, which can be obtained on arrival via the note card giver. These can help you find some of the pieces on display more easily. However, rather than leaping around the region, I do recommend taking the time to explore on foot (although do keep in mind there are some private homes within the village and off-shore); that way you can not only discover and appreciate Giovanna’s work as you wander, you can also fully experience Otium’s own Mediterranean beauty.

Line: Giovanna Cerise
Line: Giovanna Cerise

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