DixMix: Megan, Jes and Nekonuko

DiXmiX Gallery: Jes Mode

DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source and Megan Prumier, is currently hosting exhibitions by three artists with three very different, but complimentary styles: Nekonuko Nakamori, Jes Mode and Megan herself.

I last wrote about Nekonuko Nakamori when Sorcha Tiles was hosting an exhibition of her work alongside pieces by Blip Mumfizz, back in February 2017. A physical world artist with a grounded in Japanese art and who specialises in conceptual / abstract art in oil, Nekonuko uses her SL art to document her explorations of this digital world, each piece precisely square in ratio, and post-processed to give something of a painted look and feel.

DiXmiX Gallery: Nekonuko Nakamori

Twenty-two of her pieces are on offer in the gallery, twenty of them in a small enough format to allow them to be displayed in threes. Each offers a shot of Nekonuko in her wanderings, sometimes with enough surrounding detail for the seasoned traveller to be able to make an educated guess as to where she was at the time of the picture. Others, however, are a little more mysterious in nature. The majority are in colour, although three are monochrome, and offer interesting takes on avatar studies.

Occupying the White Gallery hall, Jes mode is making his debut exhibition at DixMix, and going on the quality of his work, I’m certain this will not be the last public display of his photography. All are presented as monochrome pieces, and are predominantly avatar focused. Some touch on the sensual, others on the serene or the satirical or the provocative. All are extremely well framed, and carry a unique narrative.

DixMix Gallery: Jes Mode

“I’m just an amateur,” Jes says of his work. I beg to differ; from the haunting beauty of Under a Heavy Rain through to the artful elegance of Situazione Surreale (Surreal Situation) these are masterful pieces. The sentiment and emotion in each is palpable; each captures the attention and draws one into their narrative, drawing forth felling of identification with the mood or tone of a piece, or making us a part of the scene.

Megan Prumier is possibly the more well-known of the three artists currently on display, her exhibition having opened a little ahead of those of Nekonuko and Jes. Nineteen pieces (including a 4-panel piece) are on display in the Black Gallery Hall, just off to the left of the gallery’s entrance foyer. These are again avatar studies, but are presented in soft focus and (predominantly) soft tones, given each piece an individual sense of life. Megan appears to be the model in most of the images, thus given some of them perhaps something of an autobiographical edge in the narrative they carry. All are, in two words, strikingly captivating.

DiXmiX Gallery: Megan Prumier

It’s a pity that – once again – no effort has been made to offer information on the artists. While this is fast becoming my usual nagging point about this gallery, it is something I feel strongly about. Discovering and appreciating the art on display is obviously a good portion of the draw to any gallery; but so to is the opportunity to discover something of the eyes, minds and personalities of the people responsible for the art, and to perhaps gain insight into their work and  / or their passions and interests as whole. Is providing an artist’s statement / bio therefore really that hard, given other galleries manage it?

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