Fantasy Faire 2017: of regions and registrations

Via Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire 2017 will open to the public on Thursday, April 20th and run through until Sunday, April 30th, inclusive.

The largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world, Fantasy Faire offers eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, DJ parties, auctions, hunts, Literary Festival, dance and theatre performances, fantasy art, events and role-play – all in aid of the American Cancer Society as a part of Relay for Life of Second Life.

2017 marks the ninth anniversary for Fantasy Faire, and the event this year will be held across fifteen regions, each offering a unique environment which can be explored and enjoyed through the event. These are split between ten themed worlds dedicated to fantasy and commerce, and five worlds to connect them through entertainment and more.

The ten commerce-centric worlds are:

Chaddul Ro  by Searlait Nitschke: “An outpost of the orcs of Chal Khizzur, Chaddul Ro stands on the edge of their territory. In the centre of the outpost there is a beacon, rising above upon a tower guarded day and night by the orcs. It stands for strength; it stands against anyone who would douse it, a symbol to be seen to guide those from outside the protective barriers and walls back home. For the survivors that seek refuge from battle. It is believed that as long as the fires of the outposts are kept lit that there is always hope, sanctuary to be found and that the tribe remains strong.”

Dawn’s Promise by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee: “A secret place between times where the old becomes reborn into the new. Majestic crumbling ruins dissolve into a sea of glorious foliage. A place where the lost energies of the past are converted into new life. Springs of life-giving water overflow. Flower petals and creative energy float on the breeze. This is the space between the exhale and the inhale. Full of hope and promise.”

Fantasy Faire 2016: Lucentia by Marcus Inkpen and Sharnee Azalee

Egregore by  Mayah Parx: “A fantastical thought form of serene darkness immersed in light, a place where expected purpose is relative and surrealism casts it shadow across the land, inhabited by egregors this fantastical place is born of the collective phantasmagoria of its people.”

Fallen Sands by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Eldowyn Inshan:Steampunk in a desert landscape where the Orient and Arabia via for dominance. Exotic plants of alien origin turn the sands into an oasis of life where the turquoise water is the treasure of fountains and the infinite pearls of tan fall to mark the passage of time in this eternal city.”

The Hill by Kilik Lekvoda: “A peaceful and beautiful village built into the rolling hills surrounding a small lake. Breathe in warmth, peace, and maybe a little pipe smoke, A place where friendships sprout as readily as the mushrooms beneath leafy green trees.”

Mudrana by Alrunia Ahn and Luna Barak: “Everyone in Mudrana, the land of the lilypad, praises the godfrog – the legends tell that once the godfrog falls asleep, the pond dries out, and everything dies. The frogs of Mudrana therefore croak and sing for their god to keep it awake to preserve the world from death.”

Raven’s Perch by Kaelis Ember and lrriven: “A Gothic dream in pale hues dotted with the tears of roses. A fairytale with thorns.”

The Rose by Alia Baroque: “In the Garden of senses silent footsteps echo through rich vaults of opulence and decadence, searching for the perfect spot where a stolen kiss can be unseen and languid murderous thoughts hidden behind a mask. This Rose blossoms in April through your gaze that tells her how beautiful she is.”

Fantasy Faire 2016: the Golden Delta by Alia Baroque

San Mora by Jaimy Hancroft and Eowyn Swords: “Once the centre of pharmaceutical greatness, San Mora is now a ruin of its former self. Quarantined at the outbreak of a deadly contagion of its own making, the population was left to survive the best they could. Without law and order the city descended into chaos. The fires have long since burned out, and the city is being reclaimed by a hostile Nature. But all that is silent is not necessarily empty. There are still those who roam among the ruins of San Mora.”

The Spirit Pool by Kayle Matzerath:”Since the beginning of time, The Spirit Pool has served as a resting place for weary adventurers and lingering souls that are not quite yet ready to cut their ties to the physical realm. Mermaids and other seafolk use the pool for gatherings and a constant flow of visitors keep it a popular place for trading.”

Fantasy Faire 2016: Breeze by Kayle Matzerath

The five connecting worlds will comprise:

  • Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus: the heart of the Fairelands, the world where the veil between the worlds is thinnest, the Portal World to the others, the First Link of the Chain.
  • Opal Flight by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis: the arts and entertainment region
  • Morbus by Kilik Lekvoda and Kayle Matzerath: the Fairelands Quest region
  • Kakushi Pasu by Lokii Violet: the Literary Festival region
  • Anansi (Beq Janus and Polysail: the Worldling Cradle – “This year the Fairelands bring the dream seeds with them, the outfits and shapes that they might have taken on, but did not. For now. Worldlings are Fairelands that could have been, Fairelands that might still be.”


  • Registrations are now open for merchants and creators
  • Blogger registrations will open on Thursday, March 23rd.

As usual, I’ll be covering Fantasy Faire in these pages, but to keep right up to date with news and announcement, keep an eye on the links below. And to whet appetites, I’ll close with a video preview I shot for last year’s event.