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Beaming into the 2017 Second Life Sci-Fi Convention

2017 SL Science Fiction Convention – “Life

The 2017 Second Life Science Fiction Convention touched-down safely on the main grid on Friday, March 24th, ready to embark Second Life residents on flights of intergalactic adventure and fancy which will continue through until April 2nd, 2017.

Active across six elemental themed regions, the convention this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. Once again, it presents the best in Second Life science-fiction related role-play, with some of the top sci-fi role-play groups, content creators and designers represented  within the regions, all bound together in the aim of raising funds for Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

2017 SL Science Fiction Convention – “Fire

As well as the role-play group, designers, visiting folk, and intriguing region layouts, the event features a range of entertainment and presentations. So much is going on through the week in fact, that the best way of staying up-to-date on things is to check the convention’s event calendar. This can also be found at strategic points scattered throughout all of the convention’s regions on browsable display boards, so keeping up-to-speed on where to go and what to see is pretty easy.

A full list of exhibitors for the event is also available, tidily broken down by region, with each of the main landing points for the six regions also listed. For ease of reference in general hopping around, these are:

2017 SL Science Fiction Convention -“Water

Note that all of the regions are rated Moderate. For intra-region getting around, there is a monorail systems and a network of stargates – although these didn’t appear to be working on my visit (possibly one of the Energy Lifeforms of M4C-862 was getting up to mischief…). Also, when visiting the landing points, keep an eye out for the free Sci-Fi Con 2017 outfits by Design’s Designs, which can be obtained for the exceptionally most fee of L$2, and which comes in both Fitmesh and standard mesh sizes.

I confess, I didn’t fully get the elemental theme with the convention; I’d have expected “Air” to be – well, in the air, rather than on a hill, and “Water” to perhaps be more aquatic. But this is a minor quibble in the scheme of things, as there is a lot to see, and I did particularly enjoy poking around the cityscape of “Water”. To escape the worst of the inevitable lag, you might want to disable shadows if you usually run with them enabled and drop your draw distance down if you normally have it set to a couple of hundred metres or more, other than for when taking photos.

So, as I’m prone to say when previewing this event: whatever your interest in science fiction, be sure to set your phaser on fun and head back to the future with a visit to the SL Sci-Fi convention. So say we all!

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RFL 2017 season kick-off weekend

RFL of SL 2017 theme

RFL of SL 2017 theme

The weekend of Saturday, March 4th and Sunday March 5th see the official kick-off weekend for the 2017 Relay for Life of Second Life season. It marks the start of the season’s major events, with three taking place over the course of the weekend:

  • The season’s opening ceremony.
  • The start of Paint It Purple.
  • The opening of Fashion for Life.

Kick-Off Event

Festivities will commence at 09:00 SLT on the morning on Saturday, March 4th, with the opening ceremony at 10:00am SL. A track has been laid, passing through all the years that RFL of SL has been active, and the stage reflects the event’s theme: Passport to Hope.

Paint It Purple

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 marks the start of RFL of SL’s Paint SL Purple week.

Running through until Sunday, March 12th, the campaign is aimed raising awareness and excitement as the official launch of the year’s fund-raising season for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society draws near, by encouraging residents to paint the grid purple, the official colour of RFL of SL.

So how does it work? The official description of the campaign explains:

Turn your world purple. Wear purple clothes, purple hair, even purple skin. Turn your house purple, paint your grass purple! Do you own a store? Paint your store purple. The goal is for people to take notice!

And why purple? Because it’s the official colour of Relay For Life, and is the colour representing  every type of cancer, while RFL raises money for research into all types of cancers.

There will be purple-themed events at the special Purple zone, to the west of the American Cancer Society region, and sitting between it and the kick-off celebration grounds. Events launch at 09:00 SLT on Saturday, March 4th with the Paint SL Purple Party!

If you fancy going purple for the week in support for RFL of SL, you can get a Paint SL Purple kit in-world at the American Cancer Society region.

The Paint it Purple Stage

The Paint it Purple Stage

Fashion For Life

RFL of SL’s major fashion event, Fashion For Life, launches on Sunday, March 5th and runs through until Sunday March 19th.

Fashion for Life aims to provide an incredible shopping and entertainment experience featuring unique items, runway shows and music. Past themes for the event have included: I(2007); St. Patrick’s Day (2008), Pirates (2009), Fashion Capitols of the World (2010), Beyond Black and White (2011) … all te way up to 2016’s That’s Entertainment! This years theme is: Glam, and styles will range from formal to bohemian in a beautiful high fashion glamorous setting to the south of the American Cancer Society region.

The Fashion for Life catwalk

The Fashion for Life catwalk

About Relay For Life of Second Life

Relay For Life of Second Life is an annual fund-raising event that takes place in Second Life in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fund-raising and raising awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build camp sites and walk a track, just like a Real World Relay. Since 2005, RFL of SL has raised over US $2.5 million for the American Cancer Society.  Since 1985, Relay For Life has become an international movement with over 5,000 Relays being held around the world. As of July 2014, RFL of SL ranks 17 out of 5,000! In fact, RFL of SL is the most global Relay event with teams and volunteers and supporters from more than 90 countries, worldwide.

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Second Life Home and Garden Expo 2017 announced

Home and Garden Expo 2016

Home and Garden Expo 2016

The 2017 Second Life Home and Garden Expo  has been announced with the opening of registrations. The event will run from Friday, May 19th through to Sunday, June 4th 2017 inclusive.

As with past years, the Expo will span multiple regions and feature the very best in home and garden design, furnishing and decor, all to help raise money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

Creators / merchants and artists interested in participating in the event can find full information on doing so via the following links:

Home and Garden Expo 2016 - the fun fair

Home and Garden Expo 2016 – the fun fair

Gacha machines will once again be a part of the event, and 50% of the proceeds from these will be paid to RFL. Machines will only be permitted within the central region for the Expo, and will be placed in a premium location there. One gacha machine is included in all exhibitor packs, and additional machines can be bought for L$500 each, also 50/50 split between merchant and RFL of SL.

Further details on the event can be obtained through the Home and Garden Expo 2017 website,  where blogger registrations will be opening in the near future. In the meantime, press enquiries can be made in-world to Kaerri Rae.

Sign-up for the Castle, Home and Garden Contest in Second Life

Poster courtesy of CHG.org

Poster courtesy of CHG.org

The fourth annual Castle, Home and Garden contest will take place in Second Life from June 3rd through June 24th inclusive, in aid of Relay for Life of Second Life. Registrations are open for both contestants and merchants – but spaces are filling up!

Using the building tools provided within Second Life, RFL Teams and individuals are invited to build a one-of-a-kind original build castle or home, with or without an associated garden, or design a garden setting, in one of 14 themed regions. The completed builds are then opened to the public to explore, and are voted upon by a both a panel of judges and the public at large.

Winning entries as decided by the judging panel can with up to L$200,000 (castle) or $100,000 (Home or Garden design), and L$100,000 for the popular vote competition, with all prizes being paid into the winning RFL Team’s RFL kiosk (and thus to RFL of SL) or to a general RFL kiosk in the case of individual entries. In addition, all of the houses and castles included in the event are then offered up for auction to the highest bidder, with all proceeds from the auction also going to RFL of SL.

Note that is order to be auctioned, all home / castle builds must be transferable. Also note that entrants will be required to run at least one event at their build when the regions are open to the public.

The 14 themed regions for the contest are:  Atlantis, the Sunken City; Beauty and the Beast; Bedrock (Flintstones-style theme);  Bikini Bottom (Spongebob Squarepants inspired); Christmas Town; Game of Thrones: King’s Landing; Game of Thrones: Winterfell; Halloween Town; Harry Potter: Hogsmead; Lord of the Rings: Rivendell; Labyrinth; Springfield (Simpsons inspired); Star Wars: The Death Star; 1984.

Rviendell from The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings is one of the 14 themed regions in the Castle, Home and Garden Contest. Image: WingNutz Films / New line Cinema.

Rviendell from The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings is one of the 14 themed regions in the Castle, Home and Garden Contest. Image: WingNutz Films / New Line Cinema.

Those wishing to sign up should refer to the Castle Home and Garden Contestants Sign-up Form for all requirements and rules of entry.

In addition, there is a region – It’s A Small World – dedicated to merchants and vendors, as well as merchant locations throughout the 14 theme regions. Shops are available for free, but merchants can also opt for one of a number of sponsorship packages, which offer both more space and additional benefits.

Full details on the Merchant requirements and sign-up information can be found on the Merchants Sign-up Form, and a full breakdown of the sponsorship packages can be found on the Sponsorship Levels Google document.

Finally, the Castle Home and Garden team are seeking help and volunteers. If you would like to assist in running the event, please check the description of roles available on the Volunteer Sign-up Form and – sign up!

You can keep up-to-date with the event, including information on events, entertainment, etc (as the latter are arranged in time),  through both the official website and the official blog.