Sera’s Lost World in Second Life

The Lost World - Oyster Bay
The Lost World – Oyster Bay

Sera Bellic has re-opened her Oyster Bay region with another new look for visitors to enjoy. Sera uses the region to help promote her business of region design, and as such periodically changes its look to offer people a new glimpse of her skills and ideas. For this design, she offers visitors the opportunity to go all Cousteau and take a dive – literally – into The Lost World; so swimsuits are advised!

Visitors arrive to find the majority of the island has been flooded; a single sandbar, richly shaded by palm trees lies to the north-west side of the region, while a small volcanic island smoulders in the diagonally opposite corner. Other than a couple of rock formations peeping above the water, these comprise the entire landmass. There is, however, a glass walkway leading out over the waves brushing against the sand, leading the way to a modern, white cylindrical building sitting on a circular platform. It bears the legend The Poseidon Complex  – but the strap line suggests this might be more than the name of a project ;-).

The Lost World - Oyster Bay
The Lost World – Oyster Bay

Drop through the diving hole within the cylinder (touch the door if it isn’t already open), and you’ll enter an undersea world of ancient ruins, schools of fish, roaming sharks and undulating stingrays. Across the sandy sea bed stand numerous ruins and statues, with coral beds and the wreckage of ancient chariots scattered between.

Could this be a part of the fabled Atlantis? Possibly. The statues and some of the buildings seem appropriate for the legend; but travel to the great rotunda and pass inside, and the paintings inset into the upper walls of its great circular chamber appear to be from a far later period than history normally ascribes to Atlantis. Thus, a little riddle exists within the ruins.

The Lost World - Oyster Bay
The Lost World – Oyster Bay

But it is outside, beneath the waves, which perhaps holds the attention the most. Fish flicker and gleam in the rays of the sun as they break through the sea above, casting rays of light down towards the sandy floor. The majestic rays swim singly or in pairs, “wings” rising and falling almost hypnotically, while sharks also patrol, also individually or in pairs.  Between they is plenty of room to swim or walk. For those who prefer, there is a mini-sub rezzer (be aware that the sub will appear and then move overhead, so you may have to cam up to find it), which adds a little additional fun to visits.

The Lost World is not an extensive build – which is actually what makes it  pleasant, easy visit. There are places to sit down and rest, both on the sand bar and under the waves, so if you feel like spending time there, it needn’t all be swimming, walking or sub driving.

The Lost World - Oyster Bay
The Lost World – Oyster Bay

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