Elo’s Ray of Light in Second Life

Ray of Light
Ray of Light

I first encountered the art of Elo (Elorac Paule) at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery in an intriguing and key-catching display entitled Always Closer (see here for more). I was therefore delighted to learn from friend (and arts) Owl Dragonash, that Elo would be exhibiting Ray of Light, a selection of her work at Commune Utopia.

For those not familiar with it, Commune Utopia is a Bohemian community within Second Life with over 1800 group members. Founded by Sedi (Seductive Dreamscape), the commune celebrates creativity, passion, laughter, music and art, and fosters a caring, inclusive environment all are welcome to visit and enjoy – and join, if they wish. Owl handles a lot of the music aspects of the commune, and details on events can be found both on her blog, and on the official Commune Utopia blog.

Ray of Light
Ray of Light

With Ray of Light, Elo presents fourteen of her captivating studies, most of which should be considered NSFW, and all of which contain considerable expression. One or two among them may be familiar from Elo’s other exhibitions, but this doesn’t in any way reduce them experience of seeing them here. These are emotive, seductive and physical pieces, rich in their allure and perfectly suited to being displayed together.

Offered in a large format and in an outdoor environment, these are very much personal studies, focused on Elo herself. As such they reveal a number of facets of her personality, and dip into some of her explorations of sensuality in Second Life. Coupled with the fact many of the images have nudity (hence the NSFW note), this personal, sensual aspect to the pieces might be taken to mean the visitor is perhaps cast into the role of voyeur.

Ray of Light
Ray of Light

However, I’d suggest this is not the case. For the majority of the pieces, whether colour or monochrome there is far more of an invitation for us to become partners within the  scenes set by the pictures, rather than the suggestion that we are furtive observers. This adds a layer of emotional response: the desire to reach into these pictures, caress and share is powerful.

Ray of Light is an excellent exhibition, offered in a setting which invites wider exploration as well – be it the small art studios perched around the exhibition area, or the rest of the region as a whole.  Recommended.

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