Artful Expressions in Second Life: Uma Sabra and KyRaLy

Open now at Artful Expressions, the boutique gallery curated by Sorcha Tyles, is the January 2017 featuring the art of Uma Sabra and KyRaLy (ElizzaLiza).  As with the opening exhibition at the gallery (see here), these are two artists perfectly suited to being displayed together, their styles complimenting one another perfectly.

Both artists focus on avatar studies, with each presenting pieces which largely – although not exclusively – focus of the face in close-up, with both opting for minimal backgrounds with their subjects. The resulting images are hauntingly evocative in tone, look and emotional content.

“I  think it is simply amazing that one can be able and can have all the freedom in the world to create digging deep into imagination,” KyRaLy says of Second Life. “It is a gift that one can see inside of things, the essence of things…” This is perhaps a perfect reflection of her work; each image is offering us a look not so much at her subject, but into them: who they might be, what they were feeling at the time the photograph was captured.

This is especially true of the images in which the subjects are not looking at the camera; by capturing them in a moment where their focus is apparently elsewhere, KyRaLy has imbued them with enormous humanity and vulnerability. Which is not to say those in which the subject is looking at the camera are any the less captivating for their emotional content.

Uma plumbs similar depths with her studies. However, where KyraLy has apparently chosen a number of subjects / faces for her pieces, Uma has focused largely on portraits of a single avatar. This makes them more intimate in presentation, as we are given the opportunity to share in the changing moods of the one individual cross a number of images – and perhaps, time.

Four out of her nine pieces are not limited to a facial portraits, but offer a more complete study (including on nude shot). These demonstrate a considered use of focus and background to produce pieces every bit as poignant as her closer studies.

As noted above, these are two sets of images by two artists who are well suited to side-by-side exhibition, and the display of their work at Artful Expressions is not one to miss. Bravo, as well, to Sorcha on her second exhibition, and for her choice of artists.

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