A Petrovsky Flux gone from Second Life

A Petrovsky Flux - no longer in Second Life
A Petrovsky Flux – no longer in Second Life

A Petrovsky Flux, the stunning, ever-changing cluster of devices that would assemble themselves and grow almost organically, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves over and over again, taking on a new form each time – has gone from Second Life.

Designed by Cutea Benelli and blotto Epsilon, the installation had, since 2010, been curated by the University of Kansas at their Spencer Art Museum region in SL, where it had over the years been a popular draw. However, at a time when eyes were all on the opening of the Horizons regions (see here) and return of Mont Saint Michel to Second Life in November 2016 (see here), the Spencer Museum of Art region quietly slipped away from Second Life, pretty much unnoticed.

It wasn’t until Chantal Harvey contacted me about the possible status of the Spencer Art Museum region that I found out something may had changed.  “I’ve been trying to get there for weeks now,” she informed me via IM, “I was filming there. but it seems it is gone, do you know?”

A quick check on the map confirmed the region had indeed gone from the grid, and a check through Tyche Shepherd’s excellent Grid Survey summaries showed it had been removed from the grid during the week ending Sunday, November 13th, 2016.

It’s not clear if the removal is permanent or not – as I reported in 2014, the region came close to vanishing from Second Life, due to something of a miscommunication involving the Spencer Art Museum, the University of Kansas and the artists. As a result of that situation, I’ve written to Stephen Goddard, the Spencer’s Associate Director/Senior Curator of Prints & Drawings. He was responsible for the Museum’s presence in Second Life, so hopefully, he can shed some light on what has happened. Should he reply, I’ll offer and update.

In the meantime, here’s Toxic Menges’ 2010 machinima of A Petrovsky Flux to remind us of this fabulous build.

5 thoughts on “A Petrovsky Flux gone from Second Life

  1. The expensive tier rates is killing creativity and non profit sims such as this one. Many people simply cannot justify paying 300 a month or even 200 a month for a sim in Second Life.


    1. The Spencer Art Museum region was, as far as I’m aware, under the Educational Discount scheme (US $147.50 a month). So while tier may have been a factor, we cannot actually be sure until (and if) any feedback has been received. In this instance, and given recent history, there could well be other factors involved outside of costs.


      1. Public universities have to justify their expenses. So even almost 1500 usd a year has to be justified and the university was a public one.


        1. I don’t dispute tier can be an issue. It is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast with SL. My point is merely that in this case, history shows us other factors could be involved in the regions removal. We’ll find out more should Stephen respond to my enquiry.


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