A slight pause in Second Life

Island building ... again ...
Island building … again …

I’ve been a little quiet blogging-wise these last couple of days because I’m at it again: re-building the island home. It’s Caitlyn’s fault (or at least that’s my excuse … until she says otherwise 🙂 ); she showed me some photos of Scotney Castle, which sent us on a hunt for something that could be converted into a similar-looking place.

Nothing we found really appealed, but in mooching around The Domineaux Effect  by Domineaux Prospero, I came across a cosy little two room cottage. And of course, Domineaux also makes a great boat dock (imaged above, now at the southern end of the island). And, well, once discovered things have to be purchased, don’t they?

Anyway, the work is almost done in getting things ship-shape, so normal service will be resumed very shortly! 🙂 .

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