The Future of the Metaverse: Blueprints for the Evolution of Virtual Worlds

On Sunday, September 18th, Will Burns (Aeonix Aeon in-world), Vice-Chair IEEE Virtual World Standards Group, authority on virtual domains, author of the thought-provoking Andromeda Media Group blog, will be presenting The Future of the Metaverse: Blueprints for the Evolution of Virtual Worlds, a joint session with ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries, which will be held at the CVL Auditorium.

The presentation will provide an overview of the history of virtual worlds and phases of development, offering a definition for the “Metaverse” and a glimpse into the future of virtual worlds, and will include interoperability and other key elements of design. It will last for around an hour, and will be followed by a further hours for questions and answer and general discussion.

The CVL auditorium
The CVL auditorium

This will be an informative event, offering a unique perspective on virtual worlds and their future from a man who has been offering insights, observations and helping shape the metaverse since its inception.

Join librarians, educators, and anyone interested in virtual worlds and the future of immersive learning.  The session is jointly sponsored with the ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries Member Initiative Group.