Soul of Avatar in Second Life

Gallery Desy Magic
Gallery Desy Magic: Soul of Avatar

Desy Magic is an Italian artist and photographer who is marking the opening of her new gallery on Wednesday, September 14th with an exhibition of her own work entitled Soul of Avatar,
which Desy defines as, “a reflection of our dreams and fantasies, as realised through our avatar.”

Housed within a gallery space designed by Desy, the exhibition features nineteen avatar studies presented in a number of different styles, from relatively straightforward posed portraits through to very stylised and post-processed works – hopefully the pictures in. All intended to highlight the rich diversity of vision and fantasy we can embody within our avatar.

Gallery Desy Magic
Gallery Desy Magic: Soul of Avatar

While they may be of different styles and presentation, it is in their celebration of the avatar that they are united as a cohesive set. Whether an image shows a “normal” human avatar, naked or clothed, or whether it reveals a more fantasy or science fiction look; whether it is processed in colour or rendered as a monochrome image, all of them make Soul of Avatar a deceptively engaging exhibition; one ideally suited to the interior styling of the gallery space.

Each of the pieces in the exhibit is available for purchase, and the opening at 13:30 SLT on Wednesday, September 14th will feature the music of artist (and friend) Morlita Quan – my congratulations to Desy on the opening!


Gallery Desy Magic
Gallery Desy Magic: Soul of Avatar

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