September is SU2C month 2016 in Second Life

2016-logoThursday, September 1st marks the start of the 2016 Second Life Concerts to Benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C).

Building on the success of the 2014 and 2015 seasons, this year sees Second Life Concerts to Benefit SU2C running throughout September, featuring 40 venues and over 160 performers giving concerts and holding events across the next 30 days to raise money for the international Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign.

Led by Still Braveheart, SL Concerts to Benefit SU2C is now an established part of the Second Life calendar, presenting people with the opportunity to attend events in-world, enjoy great concerts and music, donate to SU2C through donation boards, or if they prefer, follow links to donate directly to SU2C activities in their preferred country – Canada, the UK or the USA. In addition, people can also donate through the Second Life UK or US team pages for SU2C.

Venues involved in this year’s season include:

1st Chapter Plaza, Acoustic Cave, Ashley’s Oasis, Bonaventure Square, Caitinara Bar, The Galleria of Fashion,  Bound Elegance, Breakers, BS’s, Café Musique, Chain of Love, Coffee House and Fireside Chat, Coffee’s Live Music Venue, Chicago’s New Place II, Ce Soir Tonight,  Free Spirit Farms,  Gspot Club, Kultivate Magazine, Lil Reds, Lovekats, Mi Casa, Su Casa, MPW Church and Music Venue, Moonshine & Roses,  Party Beach Scheveningen, Place of Grace, Quinn’s Place, RMS Titanic, Smokin’ Aces, Spin Club, Solarwinds Music Live Club, Stargazer Café, The Dirty Grind, The Hollywood Ballroom, and Theatre, Lemonrock Café, The Only Venue, and Tricksters Sounds.

Given this is a month-long season, providing the entire schedule here is impractical – so instead, please refer to Still’s own blog for the daily list, or check the SU2C SL Google calendar, or visit BS’s in-world for updates, where you can also find the SL Concerts to Benefit SU2C auction boards, and bid on the time of one of SL’s top entertainers.

The concert stage at BS's - Still's own venue in Second Life
The concert stage at BS’s – Still’s own venue in Second Life, where you can find out more and participate in this year’s auction

About Stand Up 2 Cancer

SU2C takes an innovative  approach to ending cancer by focusing on forming “dream teams” of doctors and researchers who are directly involved in leading-edge cancer research and treatment, and then undertaking aggressive research programmes. 100% of all donations made through SU2C goes directly into funding cancer research and treatment and paying for these teams; none is lost to “administrative costs” or put aside for CEO or executive salaries, etc.

Such is the success of this approach that as of 2014, and in the USA alone, SU2C has raised over $261 million in seven years. This money has all be used in directly supporting 141 clinical trials of possible cancer treatments, involving 750 scientists and 5,000 cancer patients, and which have spanned 112 US institutions.

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