Landscapes and anatomies in Second Life

Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery
Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery

Now open at Dathúil Gallery, operated by Max Butoh and Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), is Landscape Anatomy, an exhibition by Cicciuzzo Gausman. It is perhaps the most extensive exhibit Dathúil has mounted for a single artist – fully 40 images are in display, offering visitors a visual feast in terms of content, style, format and subject.

Taking a quote from Mark Twain as his lead, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”, Cicciuzzo presents a mix of landscape and avatar studies which he describes as, “A journey … exploring landscape photography, ranging from its natural scenery form to the shape of a body.”

Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery
Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery

The landscapes occupy the lower level of the gallery space and encompass both monochrome and colour. On offer are images of locations across Second Life, many of which will be familiar to the seasoned virtual traveller, and all of which present evocative views of their subjects, drawing the eye into them.

The mezzanine level is home to 20 avatar studies, again presented in both colour and black and white, many of which include nudity, so should be considered NSFW. Here again, the depth of presentation is mesmerizing, each image finely composed and balanced. There is a nuanced look to each of them which really does present them both as studies of the human for and studies of the human landscape; the latter encompassed in the gentle slope of a breast, the valley between thighs,  the meandering sweeps and curls of tattoo ink over bare flesh.

Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery
Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery

Both sets of images are at once singular to themselves, but they are entirely separated one from the other. Within the untitled landscape images one, and one alone, features an individual. Tall and slender, she stands within a sea of wheat, looking away from us towards s distant horizon. As we follow her gaze into that distance, so our eyes are inevitably drawn upwards to the images on the mezzanine. Thus a bridge is formed between the two sets of images, allowing us to naturally cross from one to the other.

I would have perhaps preferred it if there were slightly fewer images. Forty is a large amount to fit within Dathúil’s walls, such that they can be a little overwhelming. But make no mistake, Landscape Anatomy is another superb display of art from another of Second life’s outstanding talents, and should not be missed. It will remain open through until the end of June, and you can see more of Cicciuzzo’s images via his Flickr stream.

Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery
Landscape Anatomy – Dathúil Gallery

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