Thoughts of light and form in Second Life

Light Thoughts 2
Light Thoughts 2

Artist Slatan Dryke drew my attention to Light Thoughts 2, a full region installation by Mario2 Helstein which is now open. “I really would recommend a visit, it’s a jewel!” Slaton said, refusing to give away more. Intrigued, I hopped over to have a peek – and “jewel” is precisely the right description for this build, glittering as it does with light and colour.

The arrival point occupies the centre of the region, which has been flattened and flooded for this installation. Lights flicker up from under the waves, while all around, huge structures and sculptures rise into a midnight sky.

Light Thoughts 2
Light Thoughts 2

And when I say huge, I mean just that. On one side, great seahorses hover above and exotic torus of spines from which two human figure seem to be attempting to escape, arms and legs snagged by the spines. On another what appears to be a great swirling stage offers an ever-changing pattern of colour beneath turning spotlights which play back and forth across its surface.

Elsewhere the forms seem purely geometric or abstract; however, look carefully, particularly at the larger elements, as there is  more to be seen than might first appear to be the case. Take, for example, the DNA double helix rotating slowly at the heart of a huge sphere held aloft by a giant hand. Others elements embody both form and abstract, such as the giant butterfly hovering over exotic plants rising from the water.

Light Thoughts 2
Light Thoughts 2

The entire installation is both striking and extraordinary. It brings together light, colour, form and motion in the most captivating of ways guaranteed to hold the eye and boggle the brain.

For those seeking meaning in the art they see, Mario2 offers a disarmingly simple description of his creation, “Light Thoughts is a world of forms and light,” he states, otherwise remaining enigmatic on the matter – and quite rightly so. Light Thoughts 2 isn’t something to be witnessed through the dryness of words or through the two-dimensional limitations of images. It is something to be experienced.

Light Thoughts 2
Light Thoughts 2

This being the case, I will close the same way as Slatan first brought Light Thoughts 2 to my attention:  by recommending you pay a visit yourself. And do keep an eye on the LEA blog for news of the music and particle shows Mario2 plans to present at the installation.

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