A new role in Second Life

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

I’m taking on a new role in Second Life, and I have to admit to being both excited and a little terrified at the prospect. I’m taking over curating art displays at Holly Kai Park in Second Life.

This is a pretty big step for me, moving from art reviewer to outright curator, and I’m also stepping into some pretty big shoes: the arts displays at Holly Kai have been the work of Autumn (AutumnxRain), who worked closely with Nber Medici, the owner of the Holly Kai Estate where the park is located, to bring the art exhibits to the Park, but who has been forced to step aside from Second Life to focus on matters in the physical world. I’m also very flattered that Nber places her trust in me to carry Autumn’s work forward, and to help grow the Park as an arts venue.

Holly Kai Park
Holly Kai Park

Things won’t be happening all at once, however. With Nber’s permission, I hope to make one or two small changes to the Park with the aim of bringing forth the art on display, and am currently in the process of contacting  artists who might be interested in exhibiting at the Park – and there will be more details on this coming soon.

That said, one of the things I hope to achieve is to get Holly Kai Park more widely recognised as an arts venue / destination, so don’t be surprised if I do tend to make mention of it in this blog from time to time 🙂 .

Holly Kai Park - events area
Holly Kai Park – events area

In the meantime, Holly Kai Park is still open to visitors, and any changes made hopefully won’t disrupt things should people opt to drop-in and have a look around. As well as the art currently on display, the park has woodland walks, a sandy cove area, seating area for visitors, moorings for boats (60 minutes for auto-return), and an events area which may also see further use as exhibitions in the Park resume under my stewardship.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have more news in mid-November; but if I seem at all nervous or distracted in the meantime, now you know why! 🙂 .

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10 thoughts on “A new role in Second Life

    1. Thanks Derry! I’ll be talking to you and Bear concerning pop-up art as well, once I’ve got my head around a few things 😉 .


  1. Many congratulations on this new and exciting project Inara …………. I cannot think that any venture you decide to tackle will be less than a complete success.



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