A Lick of Indian summer in Second Life

Belleck House; Inara Pey, Oct 2015, on FlickrBelleck House, Oct 2015 (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The seasons change, and in the northern hemisphere winter draws closer, while in the southern, summer beckons. In Second Life, and almost bridging the two, Sera Bellic offers us a new design for her Lick Sim Designs demonstration region of Oyster Bay.

Belleck House present those of us in the northern hemisphere with a period of Indian Summer in the midst of late autumn, while for those south of the equator, it offers a taste of the summer to come. What’s more, in contrast to recent builds on the region, such a The McFly Project, which I wrote about in July, and the apocalyptic End of the World before it,  it offers a much simpler canvas in which to immerse oneself – although “simpler” should not be taken to mean lacking in detail. Far from it.

Belleck House; Inara Pey, Oct 2015, on FlickrBelleck House, Oct 2015 (Flickr)

This is a wonderfully rural scene, the simplicity of which is in the very light touch of buildings and balance of open spaces and wooded surrounds. For me, it had a ring of England’s Cotswolds in part, whilst also being far removed from them, but the feeling was enough to help me feel a comfortable level of familiarity as I stepped out of the high stone tower of the landing point and wandered over the hill and into the region proper.

Belleck House is another design which amply demonstrates Sera’s eye for placement and design. The houses, church and folly are all carefully placed while remaining entirely natural within the surrounding landscape, the tracks and long, undulating stone wall serving to add a sense of being dee within the countryside, where sheep calmly gaze, and the church might just serve a small hamlet, perhaps just over the slopes behind it.

Belleck House; Inara Pey, Oct 2015, on FlickrBelleck House, Oct 2015 (Flickr)

This is both a serene place and one that is highly photogenic. In fact, such is the overall natural beauty of the setting, that I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to have wandered down into the fields and through the gap in the dry stone wall to find a painter sat behind easel, capturing the view in watercolours or oils. In fact, a peep inside the main house suggests there is an artist living or staying there, although they may well be a little sidetracked with the decorating at the moment. Whoever they are, they do appear to be taking care to compose a letter, and also to enjoy Lewis Carroll. Perhaps the latter is why a little afternoon tea has been set out on the garden table…

At a time when most of us are focused on Halloween, spooky comings and goings and the promise of tricks or treats, Belleck House offers a pleasing side step into those long, lazy summer afternoons just ripe for a wander along tracks and between fields, simply seeing where your feet take you and what may lie around the next corner or over the next brow.

Belleck House; Inara Pey, Oct 2015, on FlickrBelleck House, Oct 2015 (Flickr)

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