Cica’s Prison in Second Life

Prison by Cica Ghost
Prison by Cica Ghost

Prison is the title of Cica Ghost’s latest full sim installation in Second Life. It opened on Sunday, October 11th, and it is a most curious piece.

On an island bathed in Cica’s familiar muted windlight settings sits what at first glance might seem to be a giant construction site. Great walls of steel bars rise into the air to cross hatch the sky like some enormous scaffolds, or steel reinforcements missing their concrete sheaths. Only the title of the installation reveals them to be what they are: the “walls” of a “prison”. But what kind of prison is open the sky, and has multiple exits to the outside world, all of which open on demand from those within?

Prison by Cica Ghost
Prison by Cica Ghost

“In this prison, all the doors will open for you, and you’ll be able to escape at any time,” Cica says of the installation. “But you won’t feel like going away. And even when you finally leave, you will want to come back.”

And so it is; step through the first door (you may need to touch it up close to get it to open), and you’ll find yourself in something of an open maze with no single defined path through it. Instead, any number of routes through the metal doors may lead you back outside; and once there, you most likely will return inside again and trace another path through the maze, and then possibly another and another.

Prison by Cica Ghost
Prison by Cica Ghost

Is there meaning or metaphor here? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Maybe the piece is a commentary on the many paths and choices we face as we travel through life. Or perhaps a metaphor for life as a learning process: we attempt this or that, find it doesn’t lead us to here we wish to be, so we go back and try a different route.

Or perhaps Cica is simply enticing us with a little game. That there is no deeper meaning other than the desire to sate our curiosity as we seek various routes through the prison’s maze; it’s all in fun. And perhaps that’s why the crows we encounter along the way all cock their heads towards us, as we pass, what seem to be knowing grins on their beaks.

Prison by Cica Ghost
Prison by Cica Ghost

The only way to perhaps find out is to pay a visit for yourself.

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